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How can you translate Facebook Likes into valuable assets and customers that deliver real sales? It's been widely observed that even visitors who "Like" a company page often never revisit, and large numbers of visitors and Likes don't necessarily translate into leads, sales or even influence. How can your marketing strategy change this dynamic?

This has become a  classic social media challenge, and strategists have responded by developing community-building practices that can make your Facebook pages "sticky" and more active. We've invited a panel of experts to open their bags of tricks and provide ideas and best practices for transforming your company's presence into an effective marketing opportunity. Join us for this webinar to find answers to questions like:

  • What incentives attract people back to companies they've Liked on Facebook?
  • What kind of company presence must you build on Facebook to build a loyal following?
  • Is it personality or offers that bring people back to a business page?
  • What community-building activities are most attractive to potential customers?

About the Panel

Jordan Viator Slabaugh
Jordan Viator Slabaugh is the Director of Social Media at Spredfast. When she's not leading the company's Marketing and social media strategy or consulting with customers on social business, you can find her tweeting at @jordanv or eating chips and queso in Austin, Texas with her husband and two pups.


Augie Ray
Augie has led social media at two Fortune 500 financial service firms, where he has led education, governance and strategy in the ways social technologies and behaviors are changing business operations, service and communications. Perviously, Augie was Forrester's lead west coast analyst for interactive marketing and social computing, and prior to that he led a 47-person agency team that delivered social, interactive and experiential programs for clients such as MillerCoors, Harley-Davidson, Kimberly-Clark and others. Augie currently blogs about social media and social business topics at, and you can find him on Twitter at @augieray.


Mark Fidelman
Mark Fidelman authors the popular column 'Socialized and Mobilized' and is considered an influential leader in social business, Cloud/SaaS and mobile social networks. He has over 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing and social media and is well acquainted with how Fortune 500 and small companies use social media internally and externally to be successful. Mark is known for his engaging public speaking and keynote presentations and is co-hosting the 2013 BusinessNext Social Conference.  His first book, SOCIALIZED!  How the Most Successful Businesses Harness The Power of Social (Bibliomotion: hardcover November 2012) was just published in November.