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Posted by: Michelle Urban

5 Social Media Metrics That Won't Slow You Down [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Nearly all businesses now have a presence on social media, but the vast majority remain a bit confused over how much time they need to spend with it and which social metrics to measure. Is your social media presence essentially just a high-tech billboard? Does your company only use social media to drive traffic to your website? Should your social media be a consumer research tool? Most of all, which social media metrics deserve attention and what are a complete time suck? Mastering social media metrics assures that your company is out in front of the race – leaving your competitors in the dust. 

This infographic tell the complete story as to how you can reach your goals through social media.

5 Social Media Metrics to Measure Success

Overall. there are 5 critical social media metrics that enable you to track whether or not your social media efforts and activities have been successful in branding your business as an industry leader.

  1. What is your share of voice in the industry compared to your key competitors?
  2. What is your depth of reach in terms of total fans and followers?
  3. How engaged is your audience in terms of responses and shares?
  4. How much of your website traffic is funneled through social links?
  5. How does your brand stack up in number of mentions within the industry?

Businesses Racing to Use Social Media

Businesses need to spend more time than they currently do on social media to achieve what they want from it, and many plan to do just that in the year ahead. For example, three out of four businesses report that significant traffic increases only appear after 6-10 hours per week engaging with customers. Business intelligence required 11 or more hours per week and nearly two-thirds of businesses said that generating new leads took more than 6 hours per week. It is clear that long distance running is a better metaphor for a successful social media strategy than campaigns of short, intense sprints.

To be successful, businesses need to define their social media goals, know their online audience and realize that social media is a marathon, not a sprint.  How many hours per week do you spend on social media?  Which social media metrics do you define as “actionable metrics?”

Infographic: 5 Social Media Metrics That Won't Slow You Down [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Submitted by Michelle Urban

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April 11, 2014

Shannon Farrell says:

Engagement is the most important social media metric. But there are definitely shades of grey, read the whole story at Incitrio's blog: http://bit.ly/1lRmwp9

Incitrio is a branding and web design firm that specializes is social media branding, check them out: www.incitrio.com

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August 1, 2013

Ajay Prasad says:

The 5 metrics mentioned are perfect to measure the effectiveness of the social media for a particular business. Specially the generation of the traffic for the website from the social media links is the main phenomena for the social media metrics.

Thanks for sharing such an informative article. Keep updating more on social media.

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July 26, 2013

Richard Horvath says:

How to measure those metrics exactly is key. I guess there are a ton of tools out there to use, but finding the right fit can be a challenge in itself. 

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