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Posted by: Richard Jones

Social Media and Loyalty Programs [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We surveyed an array of marketers who attended Loyalty World Customer Festival in London and asked them how they’re implementing social media and integrating social data into their traditional loyalty programs. The answers, stated challenges and priorities were illuminating!

Some of the results were reassuring. After all, 88% of those surveyed believe social media has an important role in enhancing customer relationships and that 80% have integrating social media into their loyalty programs on their to do list and things to do for the coming year.

However, whilst 50% of the respondents currently acquire members for their loyalty programs through social channels, 44% just can’t make the connection and are missing out on a great source of referred members. In addition, 29% said they could either link some social profiles with their CRM data or manually match bought data, but nobody had automated the process to give them a single view of their individual customers. More concerning was that a whopping 71% could not make any connection between social data and their real world loyalty programs. The story continues with 75% of the audience not being able to use social data to enhance their CRM data.

Infographic: Social Media and Loyalty Programs [INFOGRAPHIC]