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Businesses should be rejoicing over the abundance of rich, multi-layered data streams that are being produced by users on social networks around the world. Yet the majority of businesses find the explosion in big social data daunting and difficult to apply to the traditional methods of reaching and understanding buyers. The good news is social data presents a near perfect, unfiltered data set devoid of user bias and other skewed data samples. It delivers the unfiltered personal voices of millions of users resulting in never before realized intelligence and revolutionary quantities of opportunities. Businesses simply need to know how to tame the social data monster.

Join us for an educational and informative discussion on the fundamentals of how social data can be combined from different sources to portray a multi-layered and rich view of breaking events, customer opinion, market trends, brand reputations, and competitive positions. Gnip is the market leader with exclusive access to complete data from Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, WordPress, Disqus, IntenseDebate, Estimize and StockTwits, in addition to data from public APIs from the leading social platforms' such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+.

Our panel will explore the depths of precision social data analysis and insights-driven decision making businesses now have at their fingertips in this new era of unlimited social data. Attend the webinar and you will learn:

  • How to combine, refine, interpret, analyze, and report results in real-time.
  • How the unique characteristics of data sources bring their own value to the social cocktail with each network having its own attributes, audience and modes of interaction.
  • What real-time data means for the future of marketing, business intelligence, customer service, supply chain management, sales, and product development.
  • When and where different data sources should be selected to meet specific use cases.

Join the webinar live and follow the discussion on twitter using hashtag #SMTlive

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About the Panel:

ImageDr. Scott Hendrickson is the Principal Data Scientist at Gnip, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of social data. At Gnip, he is responsible for data science projects that help Gnip and Gnip's customers understand and more effectively use social media data from publishers including Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Disqus, StockTwits. He is interested in discovering patterns, creating useful models and sharing a deeper understanding of how and why people use social media publishers, how information travels and why and what people choose to share.Before joining Gnip, Scott worked with startups and established software companies on data analysis, machine learning, data visualization and data-centric strategy projects. Dr. Hendrickson has a PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado, where he simulated beam particle-field interactions. You can follow him on Twitter at @drskippy27.

ImageEmi Hofmeister is the senior product marketing manager for Adobe Social, a leading social marketing solution for the enterprise. Based in San Francisco, Emi was consumed by digital marketing more than 10 years ago and has since worked to help align marketers with consumers across search channels, blogs, and social networks. At Adobe, she helped to launch Adobe Social and reshape the conversation around social measurement. Previously, Emi was the Director of Strategy for Context Optional, a social software provider, and drove the development and implementation of social media plans for enterprise organizations including Hyatt, Dell, and Levis. When she's not on Facebook, Emi a marathon runner and aspiring chef. You can follow her on Twitter at @EmiHof.

ImageMichael Fauscette leads IDC’s Software Business Solutions Group, which includes research and consulting in enterprise software applications, collaboration and social applications, software partner and alliances, software vendor business models, cloud computing and software pricing and licensing. He also provides thought leadership in the area of social applications and the transition to the social business. With extensive executive experience with software vendors ranging from large enterprise companies to small Silicon Valley start ups, Mr. Fauscette brings a unique perspective by relating research data and trends to the overall strategic focus and go to market strategy of application software companies. Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Fauscette held senior consulting and services roles with seven software vendors including Autodesk, Inc., PeopleSoft, Inc. and MRO, Inc. Mr. Fauscette is a published author, blogger and accomplished public speaker on software, social business and software services strategies. Follow @ Blog: