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Posted by: Phil Butler

Cable Versus App Entertainment [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Most of you out there reading this will identify with my own angst over the holidays. Every year, it seems, I find myself wondering where I might have saved a few bucks, how I might be able to do a little bit better for the kids at Christmas, and so on. It's not often though, I find myself elaborating via the digital space, about just such economies and cost cutting ventures. Most tech stuff is, after all, just an acceptable expenditure for most of us. A friend sent me this infographic about Cable versus App entertainment; this, however, tweaked my frugal side a bit. Expecially looking at what those dollars could buy. 

Not too many of my tech guru pals will know, by way of a mention, that once-upon-a-time I was a so-called Cable Guy. No, not much like that famous Larry the Cable Guy, but with maybe as many funny stories to tell. I won't venture off too far into cableland, you'll not get the rabid collie or naked squirrel stories out of me here. What you will see supported is the huge bite Comcast and the rest actually do take out of people's budgets. Even back in the day I was amazed at just how determined the average cable subscriber was to get "hooked up" no-matter-what-the-cost. I know you know the type. But for now, check out this graphic, maybe it'll help you. 

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Infographic: Cable Versus App Entertainment [INFOGRAPHIC]
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