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Marketing was so much simpler when there was a limited number of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and movies. Marketers scheduled advertising in one or more mediums, waited, and watched for product sales as a result. Today there are myriad channels to utilize—and compete against—for customers’ attention. It’s no longer enough to create an exciting advertisement, let alone to expect a captive audience.

Marketers today must reach customers wherever they are through a variety of new tools, technologies, and platforms. Added to this, marketers need to sew in a genuine, personal, hands-on touch, and partner with customers. It sounds frightening, but the core concepts of marketing haven’t changed.

In this webinar, our panelists stitch together marketing fundamentals with the latest strategies. Specifically you will learn: 

  • Principles and practices of modern marketing.
  • The mix of old and new skills marketers must balance.
  • Analytical skills needed to succeed in modern marketing.
  • Inbound marketing, web development, and design techniques for marketers.

About the Panel:

ImageTami Canizzarro Global Director of Marketing, Social Business, IBM 

 ImageNatanya Anderson Director, Social Media and Digital Marketing at Whole Foods Market

 ImageSimon Pearce Founder and CEO of Fabric Branding

ImageRobin Carey founded Social Media Today LLC, a media company which brings together many of the world’s best thinkers about business and policy topics, in 2007.  Prior to that, she ran her own media consulting company for 16 years, and worked with Time Inc, Newsweek, BusinessWeek and Ziff-Davis. She leads a team that curates web-based content about social media and other topics, speaks frequently about social media and business. @robincarey