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Are you swimming or drowning in the sea of big data? Whether you’re doing the backstroke or sinking in it, the rate of data collection is growing. So how do you get from the tumultuous ocean of big data to a calm, quiet bay?

We will chart how to take the sea of data that organizations are collecting on individuals and transform it into meaningful drops of information. Take social media data, for instance. Businesses use Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites to measure opinions. A community manager, lets say, can use this data to track reactions to a new website and optimize a marketing campaign based on fans’ and followers’ comments.

Join our panel to learn how to:

  • Utilize the information you already have.
  • Leverage the technology. 
  • Fill the data scientist role in your organization.
  • Organize big data.
  • Make big data actionable.
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About the Panel:

 ImageKatherine Van Domelen is the product marketing manager at DataSift. She wields her experience in social media management, consulting and applications to show businesses how they can take their social media programs to the next level by focusing on the underlying social data and it's implications within their business.Outside of work she's a wine enthusiast, comedy and improv dabbler and general adventurer. 
ImageTonya Mckinney heads Digital Consulting and Solutions for Tata Consultancy Services. Tonya has spent more than 17 years innovating and executing digital strategies and solutions for large enterprises as well as emerging technology startups. At TCS, Tonya leads a team of digital strategy domain experts who help Fortune 1000 companies address challenges and create solutions for Digital Customer Experience, Omnichannel Customer Engagement, In-store Digital Experience, Mobile Strategy, Actionable Social Insight, Gamification and Loyalty, Second Screen, Digital Employee, Big Data Monetization, and more.
ImageTom Teicholz is an award winning journalist who has consulted to and created video and written content for Intel, The Museum of Tolerance, The Milken Foundation, Universal and Fox/TV Studios and whose work has appeared in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post and @TomTeicholz