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Kirsten JonesIf you’re a B2B marketer looking to fine tune your Linkedin marketing strategy, this podcast is for you.  Your’re going to get tanglible, applicabler Linkedin marketing tips and learn Linkedin marketing strategy from the company’s own developer advocate Kirsten Jones (@synedra), who blogs at Princess Polymath.

In this episode, she discusses the technology behind Linkedin’s marketing strategy for extending their services beyond their website and helping members take their credentials with them wherever they go online.  With more than 135 million members, and 4 million new members joining each month, Linkedin is the world’s third largest online network and in this podcast, she tells you everything you need to know to mastermind a smart Linkedin marketing startegy. 

Linkedin’s goal is to connect to world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful and one way they do that is by making it easy for members to leverage their Linkedin professional profile and network of contacts on third-party websites and in mobile environments.  
Kirsten speaks at conferences and meetups to educate and engage developers with the LinkedIn API. She has given presentations at various events, including the Silicon Valley iOS Developer Meetup, the Semantic Web Meetup, the DataInsight Hackathon and Silicon Valley Code Camp. Her talks range from overviews of our platform to hands-on workshops. She's comfortable speaking in front of small and large groups, and is an engaging and entertaining speaker, interacting with the audience during and after the presentation.

Topics Discussed:
  • Presdo Match Linkedin Integration for Connecting at Le Web
  • Demographics of Linkedin’s user base
  • Linkedin’s competitive values: Identity, Insights and Everywhere
  • Linkedin Homepage, Linkedin Today and Linkedin Groups
  • Linkedin’s Javascript APIs and REST backend
  • Linkedin’s prebuilt, easy to integrate Plugins
  • Integrating Linkedin into trade show and conference website
  • Integrating Linkedin into recruiting websites
  • Linkedin Company Insider Plugin at
  • Linkedin’s iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile apps
  • Information Storing Kerfuffle between Monster and Linkedin
  • Linkedin Plugin Builder
,/br>This presentation was recorded at Le Web 2011 in Paris.  Special thanks to Loic and Geraldine Le Meur for accommodating On the Record...Online as an official conference blogger.