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Is Twitter the New Help Line?
Improving Customer Service with Social Media

Ever gotten a response to a customer service request that went something like this? "Thank you for contacting the ABC Company. A representative will respond to you sometime this year.”

OK, a year may be stretching it, but it often feels like your concern is not being addressed with the greatest of urgency - a turnaround time of a few days can often be considered respectable. However, thanks in particular to Twitter, customer experience management is making an abrupt U-turn.

More companies now are monitoring Twitter and other online social channels and responding in real-time - often within hours or even minutes. They know the power of social media and the capability of bad news to spread like wildfire. They also recognize the opportunity to influence the message by jumping into a conversation sooner rather than later.

Join this panel to examine:

  • Why social media and customer service are made for one another 
  • How your company can jump into social monitoring
  • Notable corporate social media gaffes and what was learned from them
  • Best practices for companies actively engaging customers online
  • The cost-effectiveness of social media monitoring and immediate response as customer service tools


About the Panel:



Michelle Moore

Michelle has been a member of the Customer Loyalty Team at since October, 2006.  She is a member of the management team and in that role she is responsible for cultivating the culture and developing employees.   Michelle holds an AA in Commercial Photography from the Art Institute of Seattle, 1995.   In her spare time, she likes to get on her belly and find new ways to photograph things. Random fun & possibly weird fact: I am a rare Las Vegas native.  


Carol Borghesi

As TELUS’ senior vice-president of Customers First Culture, Carol Borghesi  is on a mission to make customer experience a sustainable competitive advantage by helping TELUS become the most recommended company in the markets we serve. Carol has more than 30 years’ telecommunications experience on 3 continents: North America, Europe, and Asia in senior roles in Business and  Consumer  Wireless/ Wire line  sales, service and business unit management.



Alex Schott

Alex Schott is the manager of social media and multimedia communications at Entergy, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in New Orleans, LA. As social media manager, Alex develops ongoing social media strategies across a number of social media channels. He is responsible for establishing and executing initiatives that enable company to deepen its relationship with its customers and all stakeholders. In addition to daily monitoring conversations on all social channels to ensure Entergy’s voice is represented, Alex provides counsel to all business units to educate and assist them on how to use social media effectively in their respective areas. He can be found on Twitter at @NolaSchott and on LinkedIn at


Alyson Button Stone

Alyson Button Stone is Manager of Customer Programs & Publications for She is an active community volunteer and long-time library trustee, For the past few years she has found it rewarding to "drink from the firehose" as moved from fast-growing startup to a acquisition. Social media occupies a lot of her time--including writing an ebook, "Customer Service at the Speed of Twitter."