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How is Big Media Adapting to a Social Media World 

Big Media got big in the ages of broadcast and print, when corporations controlled the flow of content and consumers had few opportunities to interact and contribute. That balance has shifted radically over the past decade, as billions of consumers have discovered the social Web and mobile communication and were given easy tools to become content creators themselves. Now losing their former monopoly on content and scrambling to stay relevant, traditional media businesses are trying out every strategy - from stifling the open flow of content through legal or other means, to adapting to the social web with their own streaming content plays or user-generated features.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will discuss the plight of Big Media - whether old business models have become obsolete, and how audiences have changed - and what it’s doing to save itself as an industry. We'll consider questions like the following:

  • Where is today’s audience spending time and what content sources do they pay attention to?
  • Where is Big Media behind the curve of change in how it provides and gets paid for content?
  • What scares media corporations about the content models being invented on the Net?
  • What has the industry done so far in its attempt to retain its power?
  • How must Big Media evolve to stay profitable?

About the Panel:

Mark Fishkin

Since 2010, Mark Fishkin has served as Vice President, Digital Sales and Marketing for Wall Street Journal Digital Network. He is responsible for creating, developing, presenting and implementing web-based, tablet, mobile, and social media marketing solutions for top and prospective clients that generate leads, build brands and retain customers. Previously, Mr. Fishkin was the Director of Digital Sales Development at, where he managed sales development for the franchise’s digital operations. Mark has also worked in business and sales development areas at CondéNet and Time Inc., and at top ad agencies DDB Needham and Deutsch, Inc. He is frequent speaker on media and publishing industry panels such as the Online Publishers Association and the Folio Publishing Summit on topics ranging from social media programs to integrated media selling. Mr. Fishkin received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Boston University andan MBA degree in Marketing/Info Systems from the Stern School of Business, New YorkUniversity. He currently resides in West Orange, NJ.

Joseph Epstein

Joseph Epstein is the Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG), the leading creator, producer, and distributor of premium video content across digital media.Joe oversees the company’s marketing and branding, including its marketing solutions, events, press, social media and research efforts, and drives key client initiatives, strategic partner programs and new content efforts. Joe joined DBG after nearly seven years at Sony Pictures Entertainment, most recently as Vice President of Digital Marketing. His work has earned him several awards over the years, including three Key Art Awards for “District 9” and the Grand Prize of Excellence from Mediaweek for “When a Stranger Calls.” 

Maggie Fox, Moderator, Social Media Group

Maggie Fox is the founder and CEO of Social Media Group, established in 2006 and one of the world’s most highly respected  independent agencies helping business navigate the socially engaged Web. Pioneers in their field, Social Media Group has developed social media strategies for some of the best-known brands in Europe and North America, including; Ford Motor Company, SAP Global Marketing, Norwegian Cruise Line, 3M and Thomson Reuters. Maggie has been interviewed about social media by The Washington Post, CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail, CBC News, CTV News, AdAge and The Financial Post, among others. She was also named one of the Top 100 Marketers in the 100th anniversary edition of Marketing Magazine and sits on the Board of the Empire Club of Canada.