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How Do You Scale Personal Engagement?  A Fresh Look at Marketing Automation


How do companies reconcile the need for engagement in customer service with the necessity to market themselves on a large scale? Personal engagement with customers fosters customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty, and this has been made easier and more scalable through the use of social media. In marketing, however, many companies are dealing with the challenges of scale by moving to marketing automation systems, which are necessarily scheduled and programmed. How do these approaches play together? Is automation at odds with the personal touches that companies hope to foster at the customer service end, or can the software actually help increase the personalization factor of marketing outreach and improve engagement? Join us as our panel discusses the challenge of scaling both marketing and customer service with engagement in mind:

  • How do automated marketing and personal customer outreach avoid stepping on one another’s toes?
  • If automated marketing is seen as impersonal, does personal customer engagement offset the effect, and can it scale as well in order to keep up?
  • Can automated marketing systems embrace and help scale the personal engagement factor?
  • Is there a middle ground of smarter marketing automation and more automated customer engagement?


About the Panel:

Scott Martineau

Scott Martineau is the Co-founder and Vice President of Demand Generation for Infusionsoft.  Scott’s mission is to solve the challenges small businesses face in marketing their products and services. His vision guides the customer experience for Infusionsoft users, leading our support, services and training teams in our goal to revolutionizing the way small businesses grow. His own entrepreneurial experiences and his understanding of what small businesses need enable him to continually evolve our software in innovative and successful ways. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University. Follow Scott or see what he has to say on our blog.

Adam Metz

Adam Metz is the VP of Business Development at The Social Concept. Metz’s Social Customer Community, at offers a no-cost 9-hour training course on social customer relationship management.  Metz has consulted with nearly 175 companies on how to acquire, manage, monetize and retain customers from the social web. His first book, There Is No Secret Sauce, has sold or downloaded over 3000 copies, and is currently in its third printing.  Metz's second book, The Social Customer, was released on 9/16/11 and has hit #1 on the Amazon marketing charts. Metz lives in Oakland, California with his wife, Susan.

Dr. Eyal Ronan

Founder of Spotlight Leadership, Dr. Eyal Ronen is dedicating his professional life to increasing business results and workplace happiness for organizations that are improving the world that we live in. Dr. Ronen has been deeply immersed in the world of business leadership for nearly two decades and has helped numerous companies to consistently create and lead highly effective, driven, and happy work teams. As a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology, award-winning professor, and internationally recognized speaker, his knowledge of human behavior in the workplace is extraordinary in the fields of hiring, management consulting, and leadership coaching. When he isn’t bringing business results and happiness to the lives of leaders and their teams, he’s bringing happiness to his own life by playing with his two young children, chopping vegetables for his beautiful wife, making a mess in their New Jersey home, and finding piece of mind practicing yoga