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Through gamification and greater integration with off-line networks, we are entering an era where the activities we create online can have lasting, positive impact in non-wired ways. The web may be notorious for fleeting fads, but can also result in sustained behavioral change. The self-guided knowledge available through the online lights the path to many offline adventures and projects. What we do and absorb online influences the way we eat, make purchase decisions, play, find friends and mates to play with and/or to marry. We may not be aware of how our behaviors have changed when we’re not connected virtually, but experts have cataloged a wealth of individual and social shifts that can be traced to the web. Join us to discuss:

  • An anthropological look at the species-wide changes that have happened because of online activities over the past decade.
  • The extent to which we are changing consciously and deliberately, or incrementally and below our level of consciousness.
  • The major trends of change that are happening as connection technologies become more intimate - from the mainframe to the desktop to the laptop to the iPhone and beyond.
  • How we can be more conscious of what we are learning and taking positively from the Web, and how we are being conditioned by the Web?


About the Panel:

Veer Gidwaney
As CEO and Co-Founder of DailyFeats, Veer helps the whole DailyFeats team realize its shared purpose: to make positive action part of everyday life. Prior to DailyFeats, Veer was Director and Co-founder of Humanity Calls. Humanity Calls was a fundraising tournament website designed to bring together nonprofits, companies, and individuals focused on addressing global causes. Veer was named to Maclean's Magazine "Top 25 Under 30" and was a Finalist for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002. Veer placed second at the Canadian National Debating Championship and fifth at North American Debating Championship in 1998.
Eric Harr
Eric Harr is an Emmy-nominated TV host, a national best-selling author, a syndicated columnist, a magazine founder, a CARE ambassador, a technologist–and the founder & president of a social media agency. He has worked with clients such as HP, The Four Seasons, CARE, The Conference Board, Lexus, Clover-Stornetta, The International Criminal Court and Universal Pictures–as well as politicians, film producers, professional athletes and celebrities. Mr. Harr is the author of the best-selling social media book: “The Real Truth About Social Media: 8 Timeless Truths Revealed and 8 Monumental Myths Uncovered” available online and in brick-and-mortar bookstores nationwide. Mr. Harr is also the Founder & President of Resonate Social.
Maggie Fox, Moderator, Social Media Group

Maggie Fox is the founder and CEO of Social Media Group, established in 2006 and one of the world’s most highly respected  independent agencies helping business navigate the socially engaged Web. Pioneers in their field, Social Media Group has developed social media strategies for some of the best-known brands in Europe and North America, including; Ford Motor Company, SAP Global Marketing, Norwegian Cruise Line, 3M and Thomson Reuters. Maggie has been interviewed about social media by The Washington Post, CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail, CBC News, CTV News, AdAge and The Financial Post, among others. She was also named one of the Top 100 Marketers in the 100th anniversary edition of Marketing Magazine and sits on the Board of the Empire Club of Canada.