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How should public companies handle investment-related online conversation about them? Companies of all kinds are discovering how social media channels can be both a boon and a challenge for a business’ ability to maintain customer relationships, from the marketing stage to sales, customer services, and public relations. When it comes to investors, the stakes are even higher, and the lightning speed with which information spreads on the social web can complicate public companies’ investor communications practice.

Since 2000, public corporations have had to comply with Regulation Fair Disclosure laws requiring them to disclose material information to all investors at the same time. But information is harder to contain than ever, and any news or rumor that makes its way online is likely to radically affect investment activities - and that’s just one type of challenge brought about with the spread of social media. Join our panel as we ask:

  • What is best practice for dealing with online conversation about public companies?
  • How do advanced public companies evaluate their “buzz factor” across social media?
  • Which kinds of investors are likely to have the most online impact on investor relations?
  • How is social media disrupting investor relations for big corporations?