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Agencies have traditionally been defined by their role in creating, planning, and distributing advertising, a definition that has become strained as the digital environment has revolutionized and melded the fields of advertising, communications and public relations. Consumers are empowered both to carry advertising messages and to communicate their own on a level playing field with PR pros. How does a traditional agency operate in an environment in which communications is no longer a one-way street?

An effective agency no longer simply develops a messages and pushes it out to the public - they must learn to lead and participate in public dialogue. And as traditional agencies rush to match speed with the evolving social environment, the public is becoming more sophisticated in expressing the voice of the wary consumer.

We'll explore the questions evolving agencies should be asking: 

  • What standard agency practices no longer work as they did? 
  • How are established agencies retraining and shifting course?
  • Are hiring practices changing, and how? 
  • Do businesses need to develop their own in-house teams to replace outside agencies?


Matt Anthony, VML
Michael Brito, Edelman
Asil Toksal. Vertic
Maggie Fox, Social Media Group