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ImageIn 2008, the Obama campaign was credited as one of the first major political campaigns to successfully leverage a social media strategy as a major element of its communications. Four years later, social media is everywhere in politics, from news coverage to voter outreach - what effect has it had on this election?

As Americans go to the polling booths, our expert panel will reflect on how social media has impacted the voting behaviors of citizens in this presidential election. Social media has been used by voters to variously express support and criticism of candidates, and served as a rumor mill and a platform for ridicule and controversy for the past year. Some news organizations have developed discussion forums and integrated social channels into their coverage, but have those impacted public perception? On the campaign side, the results of this election may demonstrate the value and effectiveness of one candidate’s social media strategy over the other's. Join us as we ask:

  •  How was social media used intentionally to affect voters - to persuade them or to get them out to vote? 
  • How did events - planned and unplanned - impact public opinion through Facebook and Twitter? 
  • Did one side do it better than the other? Were major mistakes made or opportunities missed? Was social media a win for democracy or did it prove to be a negative force in the political process?
  • Did the campaigns truly listen and respond to voters in a social way on the Web?