PEW released an interesting document on twitter demographics along with some other interesting information.  For example, did you know that 11% of online adults use twitter or a service like twitter to update their status online?

Here are the key stats from the PEW study regarding the demographic of twitter users:

  • 19% of online adults age 18-24 have used twitter or something like it
  • 20% of online adults age 25-34 have used twitter or something like it
  • 10% of online adults age 35-44 “    “     “    “
  • 5% of online adults age 45-54  “    “    “   “
  • 4% of online adults age 55-64  “    “    “   “
  • 2% of online adults 65+  “    “    “   “

Other interesting twitter stats:

  • 35% of twitter users live in urban areas
  • 9% live in rural areas
  • online american who live in lower income housing are more likely to use twitter
  • 17% of internet users in households earning less than $30,000 tweet
  • 10% of internet users in households earning more than $75,000 tweet
  • 76% of twitter users use the internet wirelessly

Twitter users are also more mobile in news consumption:

twitter users mobile news consumption

Here are some other interesting stats from PEW:

  • median age of a twitter user is 31
  • median age of a myspace user is 27
  • media age of a facebook user is 26
  • media age of a linkedin user is 40

Here is some quantcast data on twitter:

quantcast twitter users

The data from Quantcast actually fits in pretty well with the PEW data, don't you think?

So there you have it folks, twitter demographics.

What do you think?  Was this surprising or right on target with your expectations?

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