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Through today's technology, your business likely has increasing access to information about how customers and potential ones behave, especially online - consuming media, interacting with friends, indicating interest in products, and of course making purchases. Needless to say, this data is a source of competitive advantage that your group, large or small, can and should leverage to predict future behavior and better position yourself in the marketplace.

The challenge, for many businesses, is in lacking the tools, know-how, and resources (time, for example) to turn this data avalanche into clear, actionable decisions on a day-to-day basis. Once you've found the data you know matters, where can you turn for analysis, and how can you put trust in your interpretations? Join as we discuss what data analysis means to all parts of your business planning and practical execution. Our panel will answer your questions and explore:

  • What customer information is valuable to the business leader and where can it be found?
  • What is data analysis and how does one know if it’s true and helpful?
  • What can be predicted and what cannot be?
  • Do customers react to their positions as data generators?

About the Panel:

ImageBill Piwonka, Bill’s background is firmly rooted in B2B marketing operations. Over the past 20 years he has led marketing teams and initiatives spanning strategy, product marketing, product management, demand generation, marketing communications and business development. Prior to joining Janrain, Bill was the vice president of marketing at EthicsPoint. He has also held marketing management positions at Centennial Software, Serena Software, MeasureCast, WebTrends, Intel and Oracle. Bill earned a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School at the The University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in quantitative economics from Stanford University.
ImageMorgan J. Arnold is a marketing entrepreneur with a PhD in Engineering. Morgan is CEO of Track Social, the leader in Engagement Optimization.Track Social monitors, aggregates and analyzes the Social Media accounts of thousands of businesses across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Track Social provides a self-serve Analytics Platform as well as Professional Reporting, Social Advertising and Enterprise Consulting services.Morgan is also CEO of Sprokkit, The Smart Marketing Agency.
ImageSeth Grimes is an information-technology strategy consultant with Washington DC based Alta Plana Corporation. He is founding chair of the Text Analytics Summit and Sentiment Analysis Symposium , and a long-time TechWeb contributor and writes for several business and technology outlets. He is the leading industry analyst covering text analytics. Seth consults, writes, and speaks on business intelligence, data management and analysis systems, text mining, visualization, and related topics. Follow him on Twitter at @SethGrimes

ImageMaggie Fox is the founder and CEO of Social Media Group, established in 2006 and one of the world’s most highly respected  independent agencies helping business navigate the socially engaged Web. She was also named one of the Top 100 Marketers in the 100th anniversary edition of Marketing Magazine and sits on the Board of the Empire Club of Canada.