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About Social Media Today, LLC

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Social Media Today LLC presents the Web’s best thinkers on business and public policy. We launched our company in 2007 with the goal of connecting leading experts across a variety of business conversations. As traditional media went digital, and the Internet went social, we realized the huge potential for social media platforms to facilitate direct communication among customers, their employees, and experts from academia, corporations and government.

Six years later, we’ve proven that editorially independent, online communities are the cornerstone of B2B social media.  The Social Media Today network hosts analysis and debate on the following topics:

SocialMediaToday.com: Social media and Web 2.0
TheEnergyCollective.com: Energy policy and climate change
SustainableCitiesCollective.com: Urban planning, design and sustainability
SmartDataCollective.com: Business intelligence and data analytics
HealthworksCollective.com: Healthcare policy and technology

In addition to our regular blog coverage, we also produce webinars, e-books, moderated Tweet chats and other forms of digital content. Our rapidly-growing network currently includes more than 1,800 bloggers and 100,000 registered members. Our sites currently attract about 1,000,000 monthly visits, growing by double digits every month. We’ve received several awards and the praise of old media stalwarts like The New York Times.

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"The success of the Social Media Today is due to their team's relentless pursuit of client value using the newest social media tools. Their ability to innovate a business model over two years ago, when most pundits said that social media had little or no business value, is truly remarkable and has stood the test not only of time, but of the most rigid standards for success."
- Don Bulmer, VP, Global Communications, SAP AG

"Social Media Today is the smart leader for insight about where media, marketing and technology are now and where they are going."
- Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light

"This has given us the platform to have a deeper relationship with our customers and has helped them better serve their customers."
- Alana Zamora, Director, North America Advertising, Oracle Corporation

About CEO Robin Carey

In 2007, Robin Carey founded Social Media Today, LLC, one of the first companies to manage online B2B communities that connect large organizations with people they want to influence. A veteran of the big-book print media world that included Fortune, Newsweek and BusinessWeek, she had built her reputation on architecting powerful strategies that delivered to blue-chip corporate clients and their agencies ways to corral and connect with their customers, and equally importantly, their customers’ trusted influencers. As traditional media went digital, and the internet went social, Robin was one of the first to realize that the emerging social media platforms offered huge promise to corporations seeking to interact directly with, and learn from, their customers, their employees, and experts from the Ivy Towers, the Street and the Hill.

SocialMediaToday.com was the first platform, and quickly became one of the leading communities for journalists and marketers looking to exchange information on this brave new world of social media. It was soon followed by theenergycollective.com, which has become a leading aggregator of international energy experts. Other platforms include MyVenturePad, TheSocialCustomer, SustainableCitiesCollective, TheCustomerCollective, GoverningPeople, and others. Online conversations are led by experts in their categories.

Robin was an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia. When she is not bringing together communities, she's bringing together individuals and organizations to assist in her work as co-chair of the Women's Refugee Commission, based in New York. She also serves as an Advisor to the Society of New Communications Research.



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