ImageIf you haven’t heard of it yet, Cyber Monday is the online shopping version of Black Friday. coined the term Cyber Monday on November 21, 2005 and since then, billions of dollars have been spent on this day by consumers rushing to get deals online.

Why is Cyber Monday such a profitable day? Customers are completing their shopping list that they didn’t purchase over thanksgiving weekend. Over the past few years Christmas shopping is done on the web more and more. Follow these steps to build a strategy for more sales this Cyber Monday.

Promotions: Offer a cyber Monday promotion. Create visual content with a promo code or discount that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other channels to attract traffic back to your website. Make your offer clear and simple; don’t confuse your audience by sending them to your home page. Have a call to action that drives customers to your check out. Don’t give them a chance to exit. Remember people are in a hurry they’re looking for the best offer online. 

Website: Make sure that your home page is clean and focused. Too much information or content will cause online shoppers to search elsewhere. Focus on your products that are being promoted and make them priority, rather than throw everything you offer at the consumer up front.

Email Campaign: Send an email to your existing customers inviting them to your Cyber Monday sales event. A simple offer that seems to work well on this day is Free Shipping. Online shoppers love free shipping. Incorporate your social media promotions in the email, this will boost sales and increase followers on your social sites.

Blog: Use your blog to create a buzz about your upcoming promotions for Cyber Monday. Your blog is an extension of your website. Be creative with your post; write about how much customers will save this year when they purchase online during Cyber Monday. Offer a coupon only for people who read your blog. Ask them to sign up for your special email offer and tell them to follow you for other discounts and promotions.

Cyber Monday is November 26th so, you don’t have much time. Follow these simple steps and create your strategy.