Can your company spare $15 in return for a possible large amount of exposure? Yes? Then it whip out and try FaceBook promote post! But before you do, ask yourself what you're going to promote. Let me guess: a promo code to sell your product, right? Every small business and larger corporation wants to sell their products on FaceBook. However, unless you have a large following or a sexy big brand name its not going to work. Start with $15 and follow these steps.

The following metrics are from a promote post that I created. Pretty good results, all without burning a hole in my pocket. But for you to truly understand the significance of these metrics, I need to tell you the brief history of this company’s page. On average this page was getting 2 to 3 new fans per week; at the time they had roughly 300 fans. Each post was receiving about 5 likes and virtually no comments or shares. Here were my results:

3 Day Promoted Post: $15.00

48 Page Post Likes

25 Page Likes

13 Page Post Shares

You can now understand why I would say this Promoted Post was a success!

How did I execute it?

Photos: Promote a photo! The recent engagement rate on FaceBook for photos averages 0.37% where text only is 0.27%; this translates to a 37% higher level of engagement for photos over text.

Call to Action: People want to be told what to do! They might not always admit it but I've found that it's true. I asked them to LIKE or SHARE, and they did! The post received 48 page post likes, 25 page likes and 13 shares!

Measure Reach: Don’t promote your products, instead use this marketing opportunity to measure your reach. Your reach is the number of unique people who have seen your content associated with your page. As you can see, 3563 unique people saw this Promoted Post; by far the most a post has ever reached on this particular page!

Be Patient: The time will come when you’ll convert these new fans into paying customers. But at first put together a strategy that is social and fun. Don’t be afraid to be different than your competition.  It's very important to be comfortable with what you’re promoting. Look at your business and promote what you do best!

            As you can see, a measly $15 bought this particular company a large amount of exposure. Remember not every Prompted Post will provide these results, but most will! Measure your results and track what content is attracting your audience and then promote that!