If your office is anything like Abstrakt’s office lately, your staff probably hasn’t been at one hundred percent in the past week or so. It seems every day a new person is down with the flu and just as one staff member makes it back, we lose two more to the nasty virus. It seems that now the flu is trending among businesses and on social media, too.

Mashable’s “The Flu is Coming” is currently trending on Twitter and in the past couple of weeks a large amount of articles have been both written and shared across social media warning users to take caution around sick coworkers. It’s said if you haven’t gotten a flu shot this year, you may still have time to get one and protect yourself. But if it’s too late and you’re already ill, you may want to use one of the “6 Apps for Surviving Flu Season.”

Hopefully you make it through this flu season unscathed, but if not you can find plenty of flu fighting tips on your social sites – we know our feeds are featuring them nonstop. If you have any new or interesting flu remedies, feel free to share them here – there’s no shortage of people who could use them.