Every lead generation campaign has a social reach—the number of people who become leads or potential customers because of the content that you produce. But how do you grow that number?

One method to increase your social reach is to promote social sharing and follow options on all your materials. This ensures social amplification, as we discussed in a post here.

Social sharing and following is often taken for granted because on social media, share and follow buttons are premade for you. But what about your blog? Your website? There are a plethora of easily accessible, free software plug-ins that will display social media sharing options for viewers, so long as you take the time to install them.

Don’t forget your print media either. If you hand out information packets at trade shows, career fairs, conferences, etc. remember to put your social media accounts, blog, and website information on any material that you distribute. It’s the real-world equivalent of a follow button—if people like what they see, and have a clear way to learn more about your product, they will be more likely to take initiative and look into your company.

And what about mobile applications? With smartphones becoming increasingly popular as a fast, portable way to access information online, you could vastly increase your social reach by making sure that mobile versions of your website and social media profiles have the same sharing and following capabilities as full versions do.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. If you have already taken these steps to promote your social reach, good for you! If you have been relying on the options provided by social media platforms, remember: social media is a great resource, but it is not omnipresent—unless you take steps to make it so.

Image: wpsites.net