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The Big Brand Theory: AOL's Goals and Metrics

January 7, 2014 by Ric Dragon

The Big Brand Theory column.

Sometimes we forget: before the era of the large social media platforms, there was America Online. While its peak base exceeded 30 million users, a number that is modest in comparison to current social media Goliaths, the service played a key role in the development of the social media we know today.[read more]

AOL Expected to Gut Patch Network

August 9, 2013 by Paul Gillin

Several news outlets are reporting that AOL will shut down one-third of its Patch network of hyperlocal news sites and lay off about 300 people today. Newsday says AOL will close about 300 of its 900 sites and TechCrunch says layoff totals could reach 550.[read more]


5 Key Questions to Calculating Lifetime Social Value (from #SMWA)

April 29, 2013 by Andre Bourque


The more you learn about social media, the more you realize you don't know. Presenting at the Social Media and Web Analytics (#SMWA) Summit in San Francisco, AOL shares five key questions they asked in calculating their customer's social lifetime value.[read more]

Will Facebook Destroy Instagram?

April 15, 2012 by David Meerman Scott

Photo by David Meerman Scott

I've talked before about why I love Instagram.Instagram is a photo sharing application that makes it easy and fun to manipulate a photo with various filters and turn it into instant art. Then with a few clicks, you can share your photo with a caption via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.For example, a few days ago in Krakow,...[read more]


What do HuffPost Bloggers Have in Common with Jerry Garcia?

February 15, 2011 by Robin Fray Carey

Short answer: their business models were not based on direct sales of “published” content, i.e. in the case of the Grateful Dead, on their record sales.   So why are the bloggers grousing now that Arianna and co. have sold the site for a cool $315M?  Have their business models changed all of a sudden? The buzz that is...[read more]

The Facebook Death Watch Begins

May 20, 2009 by Mark Lazen

Call a priest. Facebook is going down.Yes, I know FB continues to attract hundreds of thousands of new users by the month. And yes, I know they own the world's largest network of personal connections.Robert Scoble thinks Facebook is fine. And I agree with at least two of his main points. First, I think it is highly likely that FB will--...[read more]

Fast Company on AOL: Dead Man Walking

March 25, 2008 by Susan Mernit

Fast Company is truly re energizing itself and this article on AOL is excellent. One of my favorite quotes:"Neither Time Warner's now-CEO Bewkes nor Falco or Grant would agree to speak with us. But in extensive interviews with dozens of current and former AOL insiders (many of whom would speak only on background), what emerges is a tale...[read more]

Rank & File

May 3, 2007 by Peter Himler

So Canadian PR blogger Ed Lee and I exchanged a few emails on the subject of that Toddand ranking of top marketing blogs.Ed was complimentary about this blogger's daily content, but he also (correctly) observed the disconnect between my (reasonably entertaining and I think informative) content and my metrics on that questionable...[read more]

Redefining the Social Network and Social Media

March 10, 2007 by Gary Goldhammer

“I don't think it iseasy for MySpace and Facebook to adapt and bend to the needs of individualbrands.” — Alexander Mouldovan, Founder, CrowdFactory <?xml:namespace prefix="o"?>They had names like Compuserve, The Well, Tribe and Usenet.One of them, a little regarded place called America Online, became a behemoth,...[read more]