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5 Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Become a Better Online Marketer

December 19, 2013 by Randy Milanovic

Better Online Marketing

Let's start off by admitting that most of us don't spend the holiday season thinking about things like online marketing, inbound lead generation, and search engine optimization strategies. But why not take a couple of hours anyway and learn what you can do to attract new customers online?[read more]

10 Perfectly Crafted Facebook Status Updates for the Holiday Season

December 17, 2013 by Jim Belosic

Perfect Status Updates

In the midst of last year’s holiday shopping madness, IBM’s Jay Henderson wrote a super detailed post on his company’s Smarter Planet blog about how social media affects holiday shopping. He concluded that social media isn’t just “another channel to have a personalized dialog with a consumer.”[read more]

12 Tips for Holiday Instagram Marketing: Last-Minute Instagram Tips

December 10, 2013 by Krista Bunskoek

Instagram for the holidays

Is your business marketing well for the holidays? Are you driving traffic to your site, on to your store? Is your Instagram bringing you the engagement you need, resulting in the sales you expect? It’s not too late! Here are 12 Instagram tips to give your holiday marketing the boost it deserves.[read more]

Super Festive Facebook Holiday Contest Ideas [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 7, 2013 by Douglas Karr

Facebook holiday contest ideas.

ShortStack analyzed more than 50,000 active Facebook Pages and 300,000 custom Facebook Page apps that serve more than 1.4 billion Facebook fans and, among the things they discovered: Engagement in December increases by as much as 66 percent on custom Facebook Page apps![read more]


Dealing with the Ghosts of SEO Consultants Past

December 6, 2013 by Randy Milanovic

SEO Scrooge.

Although the ghosts of SEO consultants past can still catch up with you many years later, the good news is that, like old Scrooge, there is still plenty of time for you to turn a new leaf and take a smarter approach to search engine optimization. Be glad for your second chance and make the most of it![read more]

As Predicted, 2013 Holiday Sales Went Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 5, 2013 by Douglas Karr

holiday sales (Genesys)

It wasn’t a surprise, given smartphone adoption, that mobile was going to have a huge impact on this year’s holiday sales. Of the sales that occurred, 38% of the online traffic came from smartphones and tablets, according to IBM Digital. 21% of all online sales were made from those mobile devices.[read more]

Has Black Friday Lost Some of Its Retail Magic?

November 28, 2013 by Steve Olenski

Black Friday is coming! (Wikipedia)

Black Friday has become symbolic for marketers and advertisers across the land as it signals the start of what they hope will be a very fruitful and beneficial holiday shopping season. But as more consumers spread their holiday shopping over more days, retailers need to adjust accordingly.[read more]

Black Friday 2013 Trends and Predictions for SoLoMo

November 28, 2013 by Tracy Sestili

Black Friday: a treat for marketers

Over 135 million people go out to shop on Black Friday every year. According to USA Today, an estimated 70% of their readers (97M) say they will be out shopping this Black Friday 2013. And according to Ignition One, consumers will spend 11% more than they did last year in 2012.[read more]

Why Brands Should Be Thankful for Pinterest This Holiday Season

November 27, 2013 by Amanda DiAntonio

Pinterest for the holidays

In most cases, holiday campaigns and promotions have been signed, sealed and are in the process of being delivered to audiences on social, but why not take your initiatives a few steps further? Check out these repin-worthy statistics, plus some quick and easy ways to find success on Pinterest this holiday season.[read more]

5 Ways to Get Your Facebook Page Ready for the Holidays

November 22, 2013 by Andrew Samuelsen

Facebook page ready for the holidays.

You make all of these changes to your home during the holiday season, why wouldn’t you make similar ones to your Facebook page? Bring some holiday spirit, extra engagement and maybe even new customers to your business by making a few simple adjustments over the holidays.[read more]


Social Media Tips for the 2013 Holiday Season

November 22, 2013 by Philip Cohen

Get the most out of holiday spending.

Discover how marketers can use social media to better leverage their brands during the holiday season. First, consolidate your message across different marketing channels. So now that you’re offering free shipping you want to get out the message, right? Makes sense. Put that info where it matters most.[read more]


Socially Stephanie: Social Media for the Holidays

November 16, 2013 by Stephanie Frasco

Socially Stephanie to the rescue!

"Dear Socially Stephanie: This year, I just launched a small home furnishings business. We sell a small number of quirky, high-quality products online. I'm looking to do a big push for the holidays as many of my products are perfect for gifting. How do I go about getting my products onto online gift-lists?"[read more]

Holiday Season Countdown: Use Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to Launch Sales

November 9, 2013 by Debra Ellis

The holiday season is upon us. 

Retailers have two objectives this holiday season – getting sales and improving relationships. The objectives haven’t changed from past years but the environment is very different. Governmental issues and calendar conflicts are creating new challenges.[read more]

From Bland to Beautiful, 9 Big Brand Christmas Landing Page Designs

November 8, 2013 by Shell Robshaw-Bryan

Gorgeous holiday marketing

I love working with clients to plan their Christmas campaigns and design their artwork and web pages. Here I'll share a selection of Christmas landing pages created by big name retailers, some which I think capture the spirit of Christmas beautifully, as well as some that have failed to impress.[read more]

Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

November 6, 2013 by Sarah Mincher

Holiday marketing tips

In 2012, holiday sales in the United States increased 3.5% to $579.5 billion, a number which will undoubtedly continue to grow this year. In light of these facts (and perhaps my personal love for all things Christmas), we’ve put together a complete, four-part Holiday Marketing Blog Series. Here's the first installment.[read more]


Get Your Product Pinned Just in Time for the Holidays

November 4, 2013 by Tim McMullen

Get to Pinning!

It’s a fact of modern commerce: Retail Therapy no longer requires currency, just a Pinterest account. And with 70 million users hunting, gathering and stashing DIY tips, fashion photos, recipes and mood boards as a way to pass the time, Pinterest should be a white-hot spot for brands to strut their stuff - especially around the holidays.[read more]

5 Pinterest Stats To Consider

October 20, 2013 by Gillian Polard

Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic and Pinterest is the top converting social media site for “Top of the Funnel” advertising. In other words Pinterest drives more traffic. Which is of course what you ultimately want, people to go to your website to purchase whatever it is you’re selling.[read more]

Charitable Marketing Strategies: 8 Ideas for Small Businesses

October 15, 2013 by Sarah Matista

As the holidays approach, charitable organizations are really starting to ramp up their outreach and marketing in order to capitalize on the ‘season of giving’ to come. If you’ve ever considered philanthropy or charitable marketing as a strategy for your business, now may be the perfect time to think of creative ways to get involved.[read more]

How to Keep Fans Coming Back All Year Long

September 17, 2013 by Mark Cooper

Marketing Year Round


Consider the holidays as the spark needed to light your social marketing strategy. Once you’ve ignited the flame of social interaction with your consumers, focus on sustaining it. Here's how to create holiday marketing campaigns that make an impact all year long.[read more]

How to Spend on Social During the Holidays

August 14, 2013 by Mark Cooper

So you’ve got some marketing budget earmarked for the holiday rush. Now comes the tough part: deciding how to spend it. It’s an ever-growing problem for marketers. New marketing channels, social networks and ad types pop up every year. The pressure is on to chase opportunities without wasting money.[read more]