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steve olenski

Did the Penn State Brand Get the Death Penalty?

August 6, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Can the Penn State brand ever recover and achieve the same level of brand equity?[read more]

Social Media and the Olympics [Infographics]

July 30, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Social media will have a profound impact on the 2012 Summer Olympics.[read more]

CEOs On Social Media: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

July 19, 2012 by Steve Olenski

CEOs say social media is important for their companies yet very few practice what they preach. Sort of like touching the hot stove?[read more]

Huddle Up: How a Former NFL Player Can Help You Score at Social Media

July 13, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Social media platform founded by former NFL player helps bridge engagement gap between brands and consumers.[read more]

A Transparent, Live Case Study of a Company Going Social

July 12, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Should all employees be forced into using social media? Here's a company that decided, "Yes."[read more]

For B2B Marketers, the Zero Moment of Truth Is Also Mobile

June 6, 2012 by Steve Olenski

B2B marketers need to use mobile marketing as a means to win the zero moment of truth.[read more]

Instgram a Big Hit with Baseball Fans

June 4, 2012 by Steve Olenski

This infographic lists all major league teams in order of number of photos posted via Instagram. It also breaks down some intra-state rivals as well as one of the biggest rivalries in all sports – the Yankees and the Red Sox.[read more]

The Eleven Letter Word that Continues to Elude All CMOs and Marketers

June 1, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Integrated marketing communications continues to elude CMOs and marketers.[read more]

When It Comes to Inbound Marketing Time is Definitely of the Essence

May 23, 2012 by Steve Olenski

When it comes to responding to web based leads via inbound marketing, time is most definitely of the essence.[read more]

While You Were Sleeping Microsoft Launched – A New Social Network

May 22, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Will Microsoft's new social media network be a success?[read more]

Why the Value of Content is Nothing New

May 16, 2012 by Steve Olenski

The use of quality content as a marketing strategy is hardly new. Content is still king.[read more]

Facebook To Consider Charging Users to Highlight a Post

May 11, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Facebook is currently testing the idea to charge users to highlight a given post or picture on their Facebook wall.[read more]

Are brands wielding more influence in Social Media than we thought?

May 9, 2012 by Steve Olenski

A new survey reveals that brands are influencing consumer purchase decisions via social media.[read more]

Healthcare companies still don't "Get" Social Media

April 27, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Health organizations that ignore social media may be missing opportunities to engage consumers.[read more]

Social Media Demographics

April 11, 2012 by Steve Olenski


A very telling and interesting look at the demographics of the popular social media platforms.[read more]

It's 2012, Do You Know Your Customer's Social Media Handle?

April 9, 2012 by Steve Olenski

You would think by now most marketers would at the very least capture the social media handles of their customers. But that's not the case.[read more]

What Billy Joel, C-Level Execs & Social Media Have In Common

April 3, 2012 by Steve Olenski

A recent study reveals the ever-growing importance and need for c-level suite folks to use social media as a means to engage its customers and prospects alike and to earn their trust in the process.[read more]

Only One Quarter Of American Consumers Are Brand Loyal

March 27, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Marketers in the US need to take note of the fact that more and more consumers are becoming less and less brand loyal.[read more]

Why Brand Managers Need to Take an Interest in Pinterest

March 21, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Women, AKA the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors In the World have a new found trust in Pinterest.[read more]

Social Media Rocks But Don't Forget About Direct Mail

March 15, 2012 by Steve Olenski

Social media and all things digital marketing are great but let us not forget about direct mail.[read more]