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responding to negative feedback

12 Principles for Responding to Negative Online Comments

December 30, 2012 by Charlie Pownall

A recent study shows that the top Singaporean telecoms operators together receive an average 1,700 negative customer comments a day via social media. Such volume requires dedicated teams to pick through the debris and assess which complaints should be answered and how.[read more]

Social Media & the Consumer: How to Handle Negative Feedback

February 6, 2012 by Rachel Strella

The only thing worse than deleting comments would be to respond defensively and thus initiating a battle with the audience. I highly recommend not deleting negative feedback unless it’s an extreme circumstance such as inappropriate language or lewd comments. Why?[read more]


#McFail: Why McDonald's Should Have Followed the ABC’s of Responding to Negative Feedback on Social Media

January 28, 2012 by Jay Osterholm

McDonald’s most recent PR stunt is more-commonly being referred to as “#McFail.” The campaign was intended to shift consumer opinions using the hashtag #McDStories, by tweeting facts about their organic potato farmers in an effort to more closely associate themselves with the positive attributes of organic food. To avoid having your own #McFail, be sure to follow the ABC’s of Responding to Negative Feedback on Social Media.[read more]