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Spredfast Starts 2014 with a $32.5 Million Bang

January 3, 2014 by Robin Fray Carey

Rod Favaron, CEO, Spredfast.

Spredfast announces a new round of funding led by a new strategic investor, Lead Edge Capital. I caught up with Rod Favaron, CEO, earlier this week to discuss the latest news and what it means for one of the major (and remaining) independent providers of social media management software and services.[read more]

Foursquare Draws Potential Investors

September 20, 2013 by Elizabeth Kent

In 2011, investors gave Foursquare a value of $600 million. Unfortunately, up until now, Foursquare has failed to deliver on predictions of their success, bringing in only $2 million for sales in 2012. The company was able to continue testing their business model by raising $41 million in investments in April, and with a new, widely popular advertising strategy,[read more]

Hiring a PR Firm: There is a Time Investment Required

September 17, 2013 by Gini Dietrich

Hiring a PR Firm: Take the Time

In the past week I have been asked the same question four different times during interviews. This question has never come up before and I find it strange four different people have asked it of me in just the last seven days. It is: What is the one thing you wish prospects would ask you?[read more]

Facebook Changes Facebook Page Admin Panel

April 20, 2013 by Mike Allton

new Facebook admin panel

The problem is that Facebook's revenue model is not working. Too many businesses are investing in Facebook promotions and advertising and seeing little to no return on their investment.[read more]


Crowdfunding, Meet Public Trading

March 21, 2012 by Deborah Sweeney

Businesses have had quite a bit of success raising funding through social media platforms. Intermediary sites like Kickstarter assure a standard of anonymity, so angry investors won’t know whose door to bang on if they don’t receive the returns they expected. AngelList, a crowd-based investment site that is currently opened only to accredited investors, has shown the online investment business model is viable.[read more]

Will Twitter Cross The Chasm?

January 10, 2011 by Tom Webster

So, whether you are a Twitter enthusiast or a Twitter investor, you have to reconcile what are, on the surface, two contradictory pieces of information – one, that “user accounts” are growing at a healthy clip; the other, that users are not.[read more]


January 21, 2009 by

Property investment in Turkey is quite straightforward. There are 2 ways to own land for property development. The first is paying cash up front. The second is less financially straining: acquiring ownership of the land against units built. The second method is the most preferred by both investors and construction companies in Turkey as...[read more]

Wordpress lands a whopper

January 23, 2008 by Mathew Ingram

As my friend Om Malik is reporting — and as founder Matt Mullenweg has confirmed on his blog — the company behind Wordpress has landed $29-million in financing, including an investment from none other than the New York Times. This sounds like a great deal for an equally great company, one whose products I not only use for this and...[read more]

Social Media Analysis News, 2 November 2007

November 2, 2007 by Nathan Gilliatt

News from the companies of social media analysis. Companies and services 2 November - W2 Group announced it has received a $30 million investment from the private equity firm Monitor Clipper Partners to fund organic growth and acquisitions.People 1 November - Visible Technologies announced the addition of Amir Amirmansoury as VP of...[read more]

PV Solar Energy: We'll Not Take Manhattan Project

July 24, 2007 by Robin Fray Carey

There was a lot of discussion last week inside The Energy Collective, a group of us who comment online about energy issues, around this New York Times article of July 16 about solar energy.Because the conversation in The Energy Collective is private, I won't name names, but suffice it to say that reaction was swift and of a voice: the...[read more]