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#SMTPowerTalk Recap: Making Disruption Work for You [VIDEO]

April 14, 2014 by David Amerland

SMT Power Talk: disruption / shutterstock

Disruption is going to happen in business whether you plan for it or not. In this month's #SMTPowerTalk, two industry veterans explain their own personal survival strategies and how they deal with disruption. Plus, we find out if being a woman in the social media marketing industry helps or hurts your cause.[read more]

Are You About to Be Disrupted?

January 22, 2014 by Tim Kastelle

Industries vulnerable to change

If change is inevitable, it’s always better to be the driver of change, rather than waiting for it to come, and then reacting. If you’re big, you have the resources available to do this. But you also have an existing core business that can keep you from acting. If you’re faced with this conflict, the best step is to start experimenting.[read more]

Collaborative Economy in Travel: The Big Disruptor

July 28, 2013 by Frederic Gonzalo

Travel Economy Disruption

What do sites such as AirBnB, Relayrides, Cookening or Vayable have in common? They are all, in their own way and in their own niche, web platforms presently shaking the travel & hospitality industry inside out, through the collaborative economy.[read more]

Disruption vs. Innovation: Don't Get Stuck in a Facebook Rut!

January 10, 2012 by Charity Hisle

Disruption vs. Innovation in Apartment Marketing: Don't get stuck in a Facebook rut! Can you afford to wait for perfection? How much proof do you need? Is it all about the leases? Customer service? SEO? Name recognition, PR and branding? Is there value in community?[read more]

Newspapers, Dictators And Pimps Are All Being Disrupted By Social Media

February 14, 2011 by Tac Anderson

I and every other marketing and business blogger have written so much about the disruption social media has had, and continues to have, on newspapers that I don’t feel the need to go into that any further. If you need a refresher you can start here. But this was just the tip of the iceberg. On the last day of 2010 I wrote a post about...[read more]

The shoe as protest symbol

December 20, 2008 by Angelo Fernando

I k new this would happen, maybe not in this way, but apparently the “shoe” value has ramped up all across the world. Footwear brands must feel forever indebted to George Bush, from now on! Posted in Activism, Disruptive, Political Campaigns       Link to original postLink to original post[read more]

Are we slaves to the rhythm of social media?

September 9, 2008 by Marc Meyer

I've been thinking alot lately how all of us are starting to meld social media into the daily fabric of our lives. For some of us, our daily routine consists of checking in or logging on to various social nets to see if we have anyone who has posted, commented, uploaded, friended or mailed anything directly to us.  We check...[read more]

I'm So Totally, Digitally Close to You | NYTimes

September 8, 2008 by Andrew Long

I'm So Totally, Digitally Close to You | NYTimes: The effects of News Feed, Twitter and other forms of incessant online contact. (c/o AoIR) The Social Space Station is a tumblelog dedicated to presenting, discussing, discovering interesting things out there in the social media sphere.[read more]

The Social Revolution is Our Industrial Revolution

July 14, 2008 by Brian Solis

Broadcast and print media and the services the support the creation and distribution of information are not dead and Social Media is not going to get indicted for holding the smoking gun.These powerful, influential, and age-old industries are however, undergoing some of their most radical transformations and metamorphoses in order to...[read more]

Will Our Personal Brands Enter a Dark Age of Distraction?

June 27, 2008 by Daniel Schawbel

Today, I had the chance to speak with Maggie Jackson, whose book I highlighted in last weeks “top 10 book” post. This book is very timely, especially when we continuously talk about how social media is impacting our lives. A lot of the time, I give you positive benefits such as expert positioning, while other posts I've...[read more]

YouTube Adverts In Popup Windows

June 24, 2008 by Krishna De

When you visit some websites, do you notice that some use pop-up adverts that open up either when you enter the site or when you are about to leave (called pop-unders), often asking if you would like to subscribe to their newsletter or perhaps promote an aspect of their business? Well if you're like me you will click quickly to close the...[read more]

Social Notworking

June 23, 2008 by John Carson

I just enjoyed a cottage weekend away in the Six Mile Lake area with some good friends, including a couple visiting us from the U.K. We wanted to show them some non-Torontonian parts of Canada. It was an excellent chance to switch off the computer, cellphone and CrackBerry, and do some social notworking. You remember that,...[read more]

Citi Thinks Google Should Wallpaper the Internet with Display Ads

June 23, 2008 by Augie Ray

I was quite disappointed to read about the report issued by Citi analyst Mark Mahaney suggesting Google exploit the "opportunity" to monetize site traffic by pushing display advertising on every page they serve on certain properties.I am not a high-priced financial analyst, but I do know that Google has succeeded in historic proportions...[read more]

Which Perspective Works for You?

May 13, 2008 by Jay Deragon

There is clearly a divide between businesses who understand the “shifts” happening and those that don't. Whether a Fortune 500 or a small business owner the divides in understanding will separate the winners from the losers. Consider These Conversations Tim Leberecht writes: “In a panel on “Business Innovations...[read more]

Socialutions: What About Results?

May 11, 2008 by Jay Deragon

Often we hear business leaders ask about the value gained from all the social computing tools and activities. Many look at social web initiatives as marketing tools while others consider it a means of communicating with various stakeholders. Socialutions looks at advanced social computing tools holistically as a means which facilitates...[read more]

Is There Passion in Business?

May 9, 2008 by Jay Deragon

As brands and people flock to the web the rate of change grows exponentially on a daily basis. From the Big courting Mergers and Acquisitions to the little creating new applications, new communities and new ideas, the conversations are swelling like rivers. This collective attraction is creating a passion for the future, the next BIG...[read more]

Is It We The Peoples?

May 6, 2008 by Jay Deragon

The construct of our virtual community has people learning to unite around common causes, topics and the conversations abound. History has shown a pattern of power shifts fueled by conversations united, focused and pointed at specific desires for change voiced by the collective peoples. Today the web is enabling a stronger unification...[read more]

Socialutions: Cultural Transformation??

May 5, 2008 by Jay Deragon

The web is exploding with innovation and businesses are racing to define ways to monetize the new markets created by innovation. However chasing the innovations doesn't always equate to capturing the value chain and creating new revenue streams. Innosight writes: “Twenty-five percent of all new products that established companies...[read more]

Can Comcast Reverse the Storm?

April 29, 2008 by Jay Deragon

The social web is enabling customers to have a loud voice with the service levels from their suppliers. One example that has received profile throughout the blogosphere is Comcast. Bob Fernandez of The Philadelphia Inquirer had an article in The Seattle Times yesterday titled Stormy times for Comcast which discusses the onslaught of...[read more]

Who Will Lead?

April 28, 2008 by Jay Deragon

There are three elements that control the value chain of the social web: access, creation and distribution. Are the ISP's, Cable and Wireless operators sitting in a prime position to create a new market? Capturing or leading consumer movements towards convergence of media access, creation and distribution could create new markets. Alex...[read more]