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Overcoming Information Overload for Employee Advocates in Social Media

February 12, 2014 by Chris Boudreaux

information overload?

Information overload: a fact that isn't going away. And anyone managing an Employee Advocacy program needs to think about how you will help your employee advocates deal with the persistent problem of information overload and how best to then act on what's important.[read more]


5 Reasons Why Your Employee Advocacy Program is Doomed

February 9, 2014 by Mike Bailey

Employee Advocacy

Don’t assume that your people will instantly know what you’re trying to achieve by introducing employee advocacy into their sheltered lives. It’s particularly unhelpful for them to learn that your vision for the program goes no further than reversing the ban on social media at work.[read more]

How to Turn Employees into Social Media Advocates While You Sleep

January 6, 2014 by Eric Schwartzman

Social Media Advocates

Up to now, employee engagement was how most organizations empowered brand advocacy, and it was a manual process. You had to hire SMEs, secure space, get enough broadband to support a room full of concurrent users and teach key concepts, how-to mechanics and best practices.[read more]


Employee Advocacy and the Employee-Brand Relationship Model [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 29, 2013 by Denise Holt

Employees and Brands

To wrap our heads around how to activate employees as builders of brand relationships, it’s important to understand the employee-brand relationship from the angle of the employee’s experience. Customer Experience Management (CEM) focuses on the customer’s emotional journey.[read more]


Empowering Employees: Could Your Staff Be Your Best Brand Advocates? [WEBINAR REPLAY]

June 12, 2013 by Kelsey Arnold

Are you overlooking brand advocates right in front of your eyes? Now that most brands have adopted basic social marketing strategies, marketers are looking to leverage brand advocates to tell their brand's story in social channels. But how do you empower your employees to become the kind of advocates who will see your brand as an...[read more]