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Farming a Responsible Ad Campaign: Chipotle's Scarecrow

February 11, 2014 by Meghan Hunt

Chipotle scarecrow ad

A commercial that connects with you – pulls at heart strings or makes you laugh – produces better results than one that tries to sell you something from the get go. Whatever your opinion of Chipotle, you have to admit they did a great job of creating a video that sticks with you (like their burritos), even if just for a little while.[read more]

Chipotle Scarecrow: Pure Imagination or Pure Manipulation?

September 23, 2013 by Augie Ray

Great advertising ripe for parody

After winning the 2012 Cannes Grand Prix with their emotional campaign, "Back To The Start," Chipotle has returned with another beautifully produced ad campaign. It seems hard to fault the message or delivery. The whole thing seems so authentic and wholesome--at least, that is, until I saw Funny or Die's response.[read more]