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social media history

10 Years in Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 23, 2014 by Irfan Ahmad

Social Media Decade

A decade is a long time - especially in the world of social media. Today's major social networks barely existed ten years ago, and early mainstays like Friendster and MySpace hardly resemble their former selves. And a decade later, we are Liking, Tweeting, Pinning, Plussing, and following more than ever.[read more]

Social Media and the Super Bowl: A Brief History

February 3, 2014 by Mark Lerner

Super Bowl and Social Media

Can you guess how many people watched the Super Bowl last year? 10 million? 50 million? 100 million? None of the above. 108 million. That’s how many people watched last year’s Super Bowl. 108 million! That’s over 1.5% of the entire population of the earth.[read more]