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Facebook Fraud

Facebook Advertising Fraud Experiment

March 11, 2014 by Glenn Jimerson

Facebook fraud experiment.

Facebook advertising fraud is a concern for every online marketer. This is one of the worst kept secrets of the online ad world. It’s not just Facebook. Google Adwords is rife with it as well. A few weeks ago Veritasium published an eye opening video exposing these fake clicks by using a honeypot.[read more]

7 Reasons "Facebook Fraud" Is Seriously Flawed

February 16, 2014 by Mary Green

Facebook fraud? / shutterstock

The "Facebook Fraud" video should make us all think, not about leaving Facebook (because then we lose the access to fans we do have, and the opportunity to grow in front of a billion people), but about being careful in marketing, which is and always has been an important part of being successful.[read more]