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Digital Measurement Is About To Flip TV On Its Head

May 1, 2013 by Rick Liebling

digital measurement (image: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Hulu)

Nielsen may have been slow to adjust to the shifts in consumer behavior brought about by DVRs, Social Networks, mobile and online viewing, but they are now catching up: they will be rolling out Nielsen Digital Program Ratings, which will measure audiences for TV content viewed online.[read more]


Social Media Morning Report

January 11, 2013 by Adam Chapman

$100 to send Mark Zuckerberg a message, Netflix legally able to share what you watch on Facebook, Twitter becoming the new Nielsen ratings, and more.[read more]

The State of Social Media 2011: Social is the new normal

October 18, 2011 by Brian Solis

"The state of social media is no insignificant affair. Nor is it a conversation relegated to a niche contingent of experts and gurus. Social media is pervasive and it is transforming how people find and share information and how they connect and collaborate with one another. I say that as if I’m removed from the media and cultural (r)evolution that is digital socioeconomics. But in reality, I’m part of it just like everyone else. You and I both know however, that’ I’m not saying anything you don’t already know."[read more]

When It Comes To Brands, Consumers Use Social Media For This More Than Anything Else

October 4, 2011 by Steve Olenski

Most people use social media to see what other people are saying about their favorite brands, products or services.[read more]

Social Media's Dirty Little Secret

September 22, 2011 by Steve Olenski

For all the time people spend on social media, it cannot nor will ever not be the answer to what ails your marketing campaigns.[read more]

Don't Count Me Completely Out of "Generation C"

November 3, 2010 by John Bell

Early on in the Nieslen post on the presentation given at their Indonesian summit by Dan Pankraz, Planning Director/Youth Strategist, DDB Sydney, they state clearly that "Unlike Gen Y or Gen Z, Gen C is not an age cohort." Of course they immediately peg it to an age segment - teens and twenty somethings. When I look at the...[read more]

Most Influential Teens Socialize Offline More Than Average

July 1, 2010 by Oliver Hellriegel

Online Influencers are more likely than the average teen to participate in social media activities by updating their status at least once per day. The study also shows, that they are sending 3,000 texts per month and spending more time socializing and influencing their peers offline.[read more]

Nielsen Research: TV Remains Dominant Screen

December 8, 2009 by Derek Baird

According to Nielsen's most recent Three Screen Report, consumers are adding video platforms to their schedule, rather than replacing them. Despite the rapid gains by online video and DVR content, TV remains the big dog for video time with nearly 99% of American reporting that they watch nearly 99% of their video content on traditional...[read more]

Smiley Slider, An Interface Element to Show Satisfaction Levels

December 5, 2009 by Stewart Mader

Smiley Slider, developed for an ACNielsen survey tool by Ollie Campbell and Stefan Seifert. Link to original post[read more]

Social Media Accounts for 18% of Information Search Market

October 28, 2009 by Brian Solis

Source: ShutterstockAs consumers, I think you'll agree, prior to making any decision purchase, most of the time, our journey begins with a combination of online search and real world conversations with friends, family and peers. As the Web matures, a greater volume of our attention and focus continues to shift from other mediums to the...[read more]

Marketers: Consumers Just Aren't That Into You

July 10, 2009 by Augie Ray

If marketing were dating, we marketers would be the loneliest guys and gals at the dance. Our shortcoming certainly isn't our level of desire nor the amount of effort we dedicate trying to connect with those in the dating pool--we are lavish with our cash, we obsess about how we look and what we say, and we study our potential partners...[read more]

Can Twitter's growth continue?

May 28, 2009 by Paul Dunay

The most recent numbers from Nielsen indicate that Twitter grew 1,382% year-over-year, registering a total of just more than 7 million unique visitors in the US. Not only is that huge growth in one year, but in one month like in January, clocked 4.5 million unique visitors in the US, meaning the service grew by more than 50...[read more]

Etudes Nielsen : les usages internet sur les sites communautaires

April 7, 2009 by Laurent Francois

Nielsen Globalfaces Mars 09 View more documents from gregfromparis. Lu chez Grégory. Où on apprend que le mot “false” est le mot le plus associé à “advertising” dans les médias sociaux. De quoi insister une nouvelle fois lourdement sur les enjeux de communiquer différemment, moins en...[read more]

Nielsen Study Shows: Social Networking More Popular Than E-Mail

March 19, 2009 by Oliver Hellriegel

E-mail has long been amongst the most popular activities online, together with searching information on the net. But according to Nielsen there is a new killer application around: social networking. Nielsen Research Global Active ReachA study shows, that people in the US and other countries worldwide are using social networks and blogs...[read more]

Rapport Nielsen Online sur les réseaux sociaux

March 11, 2009 by Emilie Ogez

Le rapport vient de sortir (mars 2009). Premier constat : les réseaux sociaux sont plus populaires que l'email, et ce dans le monde entier. Second constat : Facebook bat des records. Voici le rapport complet : socialnetworkreach - Free Legal Forms [read more]

Where Nielsen Online is heading

October 25, 2007 by Peter Kim

I'm at the Nielsen Online CGM Summit 2007.  Jonathan Carson and Manish Bhatia kicked off the day talking about the past and present of their businesses with a peek at the future.  10 days ago Nielsen announced the launch of Nielsen Online, combining Buzzmetrics and NetRatings. No mention of new products and in the near term...[read more]