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Pinteresting Fact: Image Pinning Site Preparing for Monetization

November 4, 2013 by David Goehst

Pinterest monetization

Although Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann is finally taking his first serious steps towards monetization of the picture sharing site, bloggers are still going to get free exposure and gain valuable clientele, all while developers continue to mimic the site's design with Wordpress templates of their own.[read more]


Monetizing Facebook for the Small Business: A Hands-On Guide | Webinar Replay

March 19, 2013 by Kelsey Arnold

How can you monetize Facebook while maximizing the effect of your limited time? Most small businesses recognize the potential of Facebook as a tool for getting noticed and generating sales leads among target audiences - in fact, many business owners are finding that Facebook functions well as their primary or sole online presence, as it'...[read more]


Audio Archive: Where Have All the Hippies Gone? (Best Thinkers Series)

October 13, 2011 by TheCustomerCollective Admin

Where Have All the Hippies Gone? Monetization, Data and Social MediaWe define "hippies" as individuals who are not centered around making a profit or having a "revenue model." In the early days of the social Web, strategies for making money took a back seat to building traffic and refining the software platform. Many companies focused...[read more]


The Anti Social Irony of Social Media Monetization Models

May 2, 2011 by Bill James

Two monetization models dominate social media. Both of them anti social, unproductive and causing restricted functionality around search, association and sharing of content.[read more]

Case Study: 10 Steps to Viral Video Monetization

February 16, 2011 by John Fitzgerald

Here are a few tips I’ve learned from my biggest viral video. Of course, the world of online video is constantly changing and certain elements of my success were dependent on unique factors, blah blah blah....The point is, I hope some of you can find useful information in this post that you can apply to your own unique circumstances.[read more]

Where is Linkedin Going Wrong?

October 12, 2010 by Saurabh Pandey

Did you notice the premium Job Seeker service that Linkedin has launched recently? Apart from being expensive, I think Linkedin is missing a point somewhere. Linkedin is a great platform where as a professional one can network and create a great professional reputation over time. Linkedin in that sense is an open platform where...[read more]

5 Sensible Ways to Monetize Your Blog

August 13, 2010 by Evelyn Parham

  Every now and then I stumble upon a blog that has not been monetized at all. No ads; no Google adsense, no affiliate links; nothing. And while, of course, I, like most people, hate to be bombarded by ads, it also makes no sense to me why someone would work so hard on a blog and yet fail to create any opportunities to generate...[read more]

10 Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog

June 9, 2010 by John Paul Aguiar

Every day people ask me how they can make money with their blog, so today I wanted to go thru my top ways to make money. First thing you should know is if you want to make money  with your blog long term , then you will need more then one way to monetize your blog..You know the old saying mom used to say “don't put all...[read more]

Monetizing Social Media: Does Money Talk and BS Walk?

May 17, 2010 by Paul Sutton

Last week I wrote a post that posed the question as to whether the act of following someone on Twitter becomes meaningless once you cross a threshold of following, for example, 500 people. My thought process was that you simply can't track and interact with this many individuals. The post created a fair bit of discussion in the comments...[read more]

Facebook Serving 50 Billion Plus Ads A Month But Still Not A Revenue PowerHouse

May 13, 2010 by Sardar Mohkim Khan

Talk about growth, a very rapid one: the social network, Facebook has served more ads on its platform than any other website that exists today. According to the latest report, the social network published a mammoth 176.3 billion banner ads and that is just for the first quarter of 2010. That averages to more than 50 billion per...[read more]

Monetizing Social Media: In With The Old, Out With The New

April 19, 2010 by Jonathan Salem Baskin

Twitter and MySpace each announced programs last week intended to make money by giving advertisers access to their users. The approaches couldn't be more different, and I think they raise more questions about the nature and hopes for monetizing social behavior than they answer. Twitter's Promoted Tweets will work kind of like...[read more]

22 Twitter revenue streams — monetizing tweets

April 14, 2010 by Laurel Papworth

Whenever I present or give classes on monetizing social networks and online communities people usually have two questions. One, should we monetize other people's activity? Two, how can Twitter make money? The first question is ethical — if money and currency is about a show of worth, a menu of value, then yes, we can monetize...[read more]

How should bloggers attempt to monetize their content?

January 4, 2010 by Mack Collier

Last nite we had another fabulous #blogchat discussion on how bloggers should attempt to monetize their blogs, and which options would work best for the blogger, and their readers. If you want to catch up, here's where you can read the transcript from last nite's chat. And the big issue/problem is that the overwhelming majority of...[read more]

Social Media Balancing Act: Sentiment vs. ROI

October 27, 2009 by Cindy Kim

George Beckenstein of Digital Media and Social Marketing Strategist recently wrote an interesting post on how business used to be conducted. He noted that anyone you did business with lived in your immediate community. There was no such thing as advertising, marketing channels and brands. You did business with people you knew. It was...[read more]

Monetization means you have nothing to sell

August 24, 2009 by John Ribbler

Monetization is a brilliant concept. Too bad it means nothing and is has no value. Since the beginning of time, commerce involved the exchange of goods and/or services, sometimes combined with debt financing related to that. Governments and religions had their roles, but it was pretty simple until the Internet came along. Yes,...[read more]

Monetization: Facebook Revenue and Business Model

July 13, 2009 by Laurel Papworth

Social media monetization is a funny thing — most people don't understand that where there are people, there is money. It is highly improbable that the day will come when millions of people together will not mean money. Why? Because money = value systems. We use money — or some form of currency — to show what we value....[read more]

7 Questions to Consider in Monetizing Your Product or Service

July 2, 2009 by Eric Tsai

You have your great idea and you're ready to start your business. You're motivated and ready to jump right in or better yet, you've been working at it for a while getting all the pieces together. You believe in your idea and you're ready to invest not just time but money. So the $54,000 question comes up: how are you going to make money...[read more]

TweetRocket Follow Up: Twitter Responds!

December 2, 2008 by Jason Kintzler

Last week, I cleared my head of this Twitter Monetization idea I dubbed, TweetRocket. My thought was a sort of newbie Twitter directory that could help new users, while at the same time, give Twitter an opportunity to make some money off advertising, listings, etc., The goal was not to impose on my fellow tweeters - at least not by...[read more]

The Social Revolution is Our Industrial Revolution

July 14, 2008 by Brian Solis

Broadcast and print media and the services the support the creation and distribution of information are not dead and Social Media is not going to get indicted for holding the smoking gun.These powerful, influential, and age-old industries are however, undergoing some of their most radical transformations and metamorphoses in order to...[read more]

Citi Thinks Google Should Wallpaper the Internet with Display Ads

June 23, 2008 by Augie Ray

I was quite disappointed to read about the report issued by Citi analyst Mark Mahaney suggesting Google exploit the "opportunity" to monetize site traffic by pushing display advertising on every page they serve on certain properties.I am not a high-priced financial analyst, but I do know that Google has succeeded in historic proportions...[read more]