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The Five Challenges of Social Media Management in Tourism

May 1, 2012 by Frederic Gonzalo

Many tourism organizations manage aspects or their social media strategy quite well. Here are five challenges that will need to be addressed moving forward.[read more]

Websites Can Be So Stupid...

February 15, 2012 by Barry Feldman

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A nearly universal objective for business websites is to find out WHO came to visit, to collect a business card, if you will. I’ll expand on this by listing the top three useful website strategies.[read more]

Behind the “enterprise” curtain of social media

August 28, 2008 by Michael Brito

This is late news, sorry.  But I, along with Tac Anderson and LaSandra Brill participated in a podcast last month facilitated by 1to1 Media (a division of Peppers & Rogers Group).  Here is quick excerpt of the podcast (listen to part 1 and part 2), but you will have to listen to the entire thing if you want all the...[read more]

The Measurement of Social Media Marketing and the Necessity of Objectives

November 29, 2007 by Lisa Braziel

Nathania Johnson recently tagged me to respond in her post “A Meme about Measuring Social Media Marketing” - asking me to answer the question that is plaguing us all these days regarding the best way to measure social media marketing. This isn't the first time that this should be asked, nor shall it be the last (at least I...[read more]