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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

January 4, 2014 by Anita Loomba

Digital Marketing in 2014

2013 will be known as the year organizations began embracing different tactics for digital marketing in a big way. It will also be known as the year of the biggest social media changes: Twitter’s IPO announcement, Google and Facebook’s algorithm updates, and the list goes on.[read more]


Look Into the Crystal Ball: 2014 Digital Marketing Predictions

December 18, 2013 by Allison Freeland

Digital Marketing in 2014

The year 2013 was one of big data, branded content and mobile marketing. So, what will 2014 bring? Brand preferences will continue to erode, which will make the competition for their attention even more intense. Search, and inbound marketing tactics will continue to be the focus for marketers.[read more]

Why Is Digital Marketing Success So Elusive?

October 15, 2013 by Marko Muellner

I’ve never managed a full-scale traditional marketing campaign, a TV spot or print or OOH home or radio. When I read AdWeek or look through the pages of CommArts it seems like they know what success feels like. Success is emotional, breathtaking, provocative, inspiring or funny. Digital is all of these things, isn’t it? Can’t it be? What’s different about our work?[read more]

Walter White: The Ultimate Digital Marketer?

October 5, 2013 by Avtar Ram Singh

Digital Marketing and Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad's Walter White possesses many skills, the most popular one being his ability to create the wildly addicting "Blue Sky". However, what else does he flaunt that social media managers and digital marketers could hugely benefit from?[read more]

7 Reasons the Publicis Omnicom Merger Is a Big Deal

August 1, 2013 by Gini Dietrich

So what’s the big deal, then? Digiday lists five reasons this is a big deal. According to them, they are: Diversification, scale, conflicts (or lack thereof), more deals, and making the independents stand out. I’d add two more: The affect it will have on digital marketing and no one ever gets fired for hiring a big brand.[read more]


How Social Media is "Consumerizing" Healthcare

April 2, 2013 by Brad Smith

Consumer behavior has evolved with the new connectivity and technology at our fingertips. Digital marketing begins with finding out how to position yourself to win consumer’s attention and trust, in a world where everyone has access to the same information.[read more]

Digital Marketing Day: Celebrate with 5 New Digital PR Tactics

February 27, 2013 by Carrie Morgan

Get out your party hats, today is Digital Marketing Day! Celebrate this dubious holiday by getting your feet wet with a few new digital strategies or tasks. For many – senior pros and newbies alike – you may have barely dipped your toe in the waters of digital PR.[read more]

Social Media and eCommerce: Learn a Lesson from Skyfall

February 14, 2013 by Morgan Boyle

In the digital world, more people are buying things online to save time and, sometimes, to save money. Typically, social media and ecommerce are separate when it comes to online shopping. A business offering their goods to an online market would use social networks like Facebook to promote their brand, products, and sales and link it...[read more]

Content Is King: How to Master Digital Marketing

January 28, 2013 by Anna Farmery

The landscape of online content marketing has become much more populated in recent years, but it is still relatively wild and open. There is one consistent theme—spend time and money on your content and you will be rewarded.[read more]


The New Digital Influencers

August 6, 2012 by Laurent Francois

Are bloggers seriously all dead? Does Social Media fatigue really exist? Probably not. The new world of apps, the rise of broadcast industry and the revenge of niche communities lead to new kinds of digital influencers.[read more]


Search Engine Optimisation is an investment not a cost.

July 16, 2012 by Dawn McGruer FRSA

A very basic and practical list of facts and best practices related to SEO.[read more]

Social Media Strategy Based on the Human Connection

June 29, 2012 by Isra Garcia

Photo credit: young hr manager

We now expect human relationship no matter where, when and how the transaction happens, thus the interaction. Now the strategy is to stay human through the Internet and beyond the social media hype, and yes, making use of the online landscape to reach marketing and media goals.[read more]


A 5-step methodology to sell creative ideas with Social Media

June 25, 2012 by Laurent Francois

When it comes to creativity, most decision-makers may appear reluctant because it lacks tangible arguments & facts. In the meantime, traditional marketing tools are not enough to justify an investment. There's a need for creativity marketing to take the lead. Here's a 5-step methodology proposal in slides, which attempts to plug in creatives and marketers.[read more]


Shore Up Your Business Video Storytelling with Ten Practices

June 19, 2012 by Kathy Klotz-Guest

These ten practices will increase your video storytelling success and augment your digital marketing campaigns.[read more]

The Island of Misfit Social Media Toys

June 8, 2012 by Chris Glazier

Image credit: Randall Munroe

Social media and websites are constantly changing. How do you keep a consistent message?[read more]

Social Media Marketing: Three Mistakes to Avoid in 2012

April 5, 2012 by Brett Relander

3 social media marketing mistakes to make sure you avoid in 2012. Make these mistakes and you could pay dearly.[read more]

Use the Facebook Timeline to Tell Your Brand’s Story

March 16, 2012 by Jim Haughwout

Don’t fight the Facebook Timeline. Use it to connect to others by telling your story in a wholly new way.[read more]

Digital Marketing: The Future is Not Pretty for Solo Consultants

February 17, 2012 by Tony Ahn

Photo by StevenW via Flickr

Digital marketing professionals currently fall into three tiers: the solo consultant, the small digital firm, and the large PR or marketing communications agency. If you fall into the first tier, your days are numbered.[read more]


Social Media: the Main Runway for Fashion Industry

February 6, 2012 by Laurent Francois

As Fashion weeks go on around the world, they've demonstrated that fashion industry is directly impacted by Social Media. From e-commerce to new creativity process, social networks, fashion bloggers or digital undergrounds are now challenging major brands and fashion stakeholders. Social Media is now the main runway for the fashion world.[read more]

What 2012 Holds for the Digital Marketing Industry – A Sneak Preview

January 3, 2012 by Steve Olenski

The trends that will chart the course of the digital marketing industry for the year ahead.[read more]