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Top Ten Website Metrics You Need to Know

February 16, 2014 by Digital Stuart

Websites are incredible. They provide us with loads of useful and great information with hours of entertainment. A way to improve a website and monitor how it’s doing is through website analytics or metrics, and this blog is going to provide the top ten that are most valuable to know.[read more]

Website Traffic Reporting- Useful Tool

June 1, 2008 by Chris Turnquist

    Want to know how much traffic a website gets? Want to know what the percentage of female visitors on that website is? is a website that allows advertisers to view visitor reports on websites. It also allows website publishers the opportunity to pull website traffic data to demonstrate value to their...[read more]

Customers & Web Page Peformance Expectations

May 31, 2008 by KateCarruthers

The faster and better the web gets the higher our expectations become. For example, "[n]ewer evidence shows that broadband users are less tolerant of web page delays than narrowband users. A JupiterResearch survey found that 33% of broadband shoppers are unwilling to wait more than four seconds for a web page to load, whereas 43% of...[read more]

Why Your Web Site Sucks

May 22, 2008 by Ryan Moede

Avinash Kaushik - the evangelist for Google Analytics - says one of the main reasons why web sites suck (yes, his word) is because of the hippo - the “highest paid person's opinion.” In short, his indictment was that while their opinion carried the most weight thanks to their position, inevitably they were also the person...[read more]