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Are Blackberry Users Getting the Shaft?

July 22, 2013 by Maddie Grant

What's going on, Blackberry? (photo credit)

I was reading an article about Blackberry’s woes on Associations Now the other day, and it made me wonder: How do you truly personalize the experience for everyone if everyone is using different devices, at different times, in different circumstances?[read more]

Yahoo Shutting Down 7 Products including BlackBerry App

March 2, 2013 by Mohammed Anzil

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo Inc announced on Friday that they are going to shutdown their 7 products. The company going to shutdown it’s BlackBerry app, Avatars, Clues, app search, Sports IQ, Message Boards, and its Updates API next month.[read more]


The Apps Woes of BlackBerry

February 8, 2013 by Abhishek Chakravarti

When the first BB10 devices were launched in the UK and Canada, the press release mentioned there would be literally thousands of apps in the new and improved BlackBerry World. Not many of us believe everything that a company spokesperson says in press releases, as we have often seen such claims fall short. So I too took the claims with a pinch of salt.[read more]

For BlackBerry, "Brand Love" Must Trump Tech Specs

February 1, 2013 by Jeff Berezny

The most important question for BlackBerry right now is not whether its tech specs are up to speed. If it can recapture the hearts and imaginations of the consumers and business people that were loyal in the past and those who might consider them in the future, then they may be able to succeed.[read more]

The New BlackBerry Brand: Who's Calling?

January 31, 2013 by Robert Passikoff

Remember RIM? Research In Motion? The company that used to be a juggernaut of smartphones? They just introduced their long-delayed BlackBerry 10. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer consumers out there “awaiting” this launch.[read more]


The BlackBerry 10: Can It Reclaim the Business Market?

January 31, 2013 by Deborah Sweeney

With the announcement of BlackBerry 10, many are wondering if the company can, once again, offer businesses something that no other phone can. BlackBerry has always offered a level of security that many businesses felt was worth investing in. Even if the phones were annoying and cumbersome, the fact that BlackBerry encrypted e-mails meant that company secrets were less likely to leak out.[read more]

BlackBerry Z10: Rumored Specs and Features

January 31, 2013 by Nikhil P Naik

The success of Android and Apple phones has made the going tough for Research in Motion, manufacturer of the Blackberry phone. They have a lot of hopes pinned on the impending launch of their BB 10 Smartphones, and for this reason they have gone all out to ensure that this one will indeed catch the fancy of the public.[read more]

Dwarfed by Google and Apple: BlackBerry Z10 Too Late for RiM?

January 31, 2013 by Bill Wittur

The much anticipated release of RiM’s Blackberry 10 will not generate the wave of cash that the folks in Waterloo are looking for. Why? Because the Google/Apple juggernaut has become too powerful since the last time Research in Motion led the pack.[read more]


Social Media Woes Highlight Marketing Faults

October 10, 2011 by David Amerland

Blackberry's outage in Europe and the company's disastrous handling of its social media response shows just how easy it is for things to go wrong when no one is watching.[read more]

Should the Blackberry Go Social?

August 2, 2010 by Mark Evans

In many respects, this is going to be an important week for Research in Motion and the BlackBerry. Facing increased competition from Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, the BlackBerry is being viewed as vulnerable and in jeopardy of losing its status as one of the world’s leading smartphones.While the BlackBerry has maintained its...[read more]

Facebook Helps Brands and Personalities Transform Visitors into Fans

July 9, 2009 by Brian Solis

Facebook Connect is connecting people across the social graph to fresh content and furthermore it's channeling outside Web events into individual lifestreams. Essentially, Facebook is solidifying its position as not only your primary social network, it's also a emerging as a central hub for your attention, updates, news, promotion, and...[read more]

Why Twitter Mobile Apps Don't Interest Me

June 17, 2009 by Danny Brown

I'm a mobile Luddite. I don't have an iPhone or Blackberry (although I do like the look of the new Palm Pre) and to be honest I'm not too bothered about having a smart phone at the minute. Now you might say that for someone that is involved in the online world as I am, not having an iPhone or similar makes me some kind of heathen. And...[read more]

Il n'y a pas de blackberry au paradis

April 1, 2009 by Martin Lessard

"Longtemps, j'ai su énormément de choses sur la vie de Matthew parce que j'ai partagé ses réflexions journalières grâce aux messages qu'il m'envoyait et qui étaient pourtant souvent bien courts. (...) lorsque nous nous rencontrâmes pour la première fois, nous ne fûmes étonn...[read more]

Blackberry addicted? Or just curious for life?

February 16, 2009 by Michael Hafner

I heard two colleagues talk about blackberries on Friday; they talked about addiction, changes they bring into our lives and the stress you have checking for mail even in the evening or on weekend. I think this is not something imposed on us by Blackberry or other mobile email technologies, this is an expression of how we look at life:...[read more]

Le Blackberry ou comment lutter contre la solitude : le cas des conférences

September 19, 2008 by Vanina Delobelle

Quand je vais à une conférence, c'est incroyable le nombre de personnes qui ont un Blackberry et c'est encore plus incroyable le nombre de personnes qui sont accrochées à leur Blackberry. Elles passent leur temps à regarder leurs mails comme si elles en recevaient un à la seconde, elles l'allument, elles l'é...[read more]

Learning from Blackberry's Social Media Marketing Mistakes

February 27, 2007 by Rohit Bhargava

Blackberry's recent "Share Your Stories" campaign was inspiring for me, though probably not in the way they intended.  I actually love my Blackberry, but their entire "Share your Story" campaign just struck me as lacking in any of the lessons many other marketers have learned about Web 2.0 marketing and what works in social media....[read more]