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conflict resolution

Accidents Don't Happen, They Are Caused...

January 19, 2014 by Zohare Haider

Problems and Solutions

Often I have been in situations, mostly while growing up, where I blamed everything and anything but myself for whatever happened, unless the outcome was good. This was the birth of not giving credit where it was truly due, but also not recognizing the importance of taking responsibility.[read more]

Striking Writers' Stroke of Genius via Social Media

November 30, 2007 by Sterling Hager

What do very funny professional out-of-work writers do while on strike? They go online and devastate their adversaries through wicked humor. That's according to Los Angeles Times writer Matea Gold. As her report notes, the striking writers are winning the PR battle over the traditional old-style approach of the bosses...[read more]

Conflict resolution blog style

November 1, 2007 by Dennis Howlett

I wrote a piece ripping into Facebook for its Orwellian customer service and treatment of Jon Swift, a well known American humourist who was unceremoniously kicked off of Facebook. It's a story that isn't so far removed from this one I penned about Sage.According to Wired: UPDATE: Looks like support from A-list bloggers like Robert...[read more]