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How the Digitization of Everything Is Forcing CMOs and CIOs to Evolve

January 7, 2014 by Brian Vellmure

digitization and business

Companies need to understand what customers want to accomplish, the motivations behind their actions – and be able to provide meaningful responses, at scale, across a growing spectrum of channels. Each time a vendor does this well, it raises the collective bar of customer expectations, until someone does it better.[read more]

Substance: New Role of the CMO & How Technology and Marketing Work Together [VIDEO]

June 18, 2013 by Bryan Kramer

CEO Bryan Kramer hosts David Newberry, Chief Marketing Officer for Pitney Bowes Software. David believes that the role of the CMO is changing. It’s important to understand your market and ensure that you are conveying the right message. True essence of marketing is a combination of clarity of purpose combined with credibility.[read more]

eCommerce: Why CMOs Need To Be More Involved

May 8, 2013 by Paul Dunay


If the $42.3 billion spent online this past holiday season has taught retailers anything, it’s that capturing customers—and their dollars—online is crucial. But online is a big place. And mobile, which can seem like an entirely different universe, looms ever larger. So where to even start?[read more]


Our LinkedIn Poll on CMOs: What's Your Opinion?

April 22, 2013 by Robin Fray Carey

LinkedIn poll / shutterstock

We’ve been running a poll in our LinkedIn Group about the best advice that our members could give today’s CMO. With headlines still flying around about how the CMO is going to be spending more on tech than his CIO counterpart, it's time to offer some help from our 100K members on LinkedIn.[read more]

Takeaways From Forrester’s 2012 CMO Study

July 26, 2012 by Mark Nardone

Overlapping skillsets, ambiguous job functions and technological innovation requires that the CMO role evolve – and keep evolving. Understanding digital behavior has become a prerequisite and the CMO must be a “technologist” as well as marketer so they can understand key data and strategically target their markets effectively.[read more]

The Major Disconnect Between Brands and Consumers When It Comes to Social Media

December 22, 2011 by Steve Olenski

A survey conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Lithium, a social media tech firm, revealed a huge divide between what marketers think consumers want vs. what consumers really want when it comes to social media.[read more]

In the Social Media and Digital World, Brands Can't Take a Sick Day

December 15, 2011 by Steve Olenski

There used to be a time when a brand or a company could go a day or even two without responding to customer feedback, you know take a sick day so to speak. Those days are long gone and brands and companies alike better realize that right now.[read more]

Are Fortune 500 Companies Too Busy For Social Media?

December 4, 2011 by Steve Olenski

According to a study conducted by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth nearly one-third of all Fortune 500 companies are not on the social media bandwagon - at least not the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon.[read more]

When It Comes to Social Media, Companies Need to Look In Before Looking Out

November 1, 2011 by Steve Olenski

A great number of companies need to turn the spotlight on themselves for a true and honest evaluation of themselves before jumping into the social media pool.[read more]

CMOs Struggling to Keep Up With the Digital Revolution

October 21, 2011 by Steve Olenski

In a wide-ranging survey of more than 1,700 chief marketing officers from 64 countries and 19 industries, IBM’s 2011 Global CMO Study revealed that a large portion of CMOs, while excited at all the changes happening in the marketplace - are ill-equipped to deal with and manage it.[read more]

Does Your Boss Understand Social Media? 3 Questions to Ask

June 17, 2011 by Ted Sapountzis

"Last month I wrote this post sharing my views on how to achieve success in social media and one of the four key ingredients I had identified was the need to secure executive support. I then saw this study that examined the social behaviors of the Fortune 100 CMOs."[read more]

CMO's Guide to the Social Landscape

March 17, 2010 by Sally Falkow

According to the CMO Club 81% of CMO's plan to link their annual revenue to their social media investment! But other studies show that many CMO's are still confused about how to effectively integrate social media with their marketing and PR programs. We often get asked whether a company should do it all in-house or...[read more]

Using Social Media to Engage Customers and Partners in Co-Creating Your Brand

July 21, 2009 by Dana Theus

Part III of this series looked at the how the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) could use social media to lead the company in customer relationship development. This installment suggests ways the senior marketers can use their expertise in social media to lead the company into deeper adjustments to their business model and reap the rewards...[read more]

CMO 2.0 Influencer Conversation with John Hagel, Co-Chairman of the Center For the Edge at Deloitte

July 8, 2009 by CMO Conversations

I had a lot of fun conducting this CMO 2.0 Influencer Conversation with John Hagel, the Co-Chair of the Center For the Edge at Deloitte, and one of my all time favorite business thinkers.John started off by explaining the meaning behind the name of the center which he co-leads with John Seely Brown - the Center For The Edge. For them,...[read more]