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Word of Mouth Marketing

Building the Business Case for Customer Advocacy

February 10, 2014 by Bernie Borges

Customer Advocacy

Whether you’re buying a car or million dollar enterprise solution, word of mouth influences purchase decisions. That’s why modern marketing programs are quickly realizing the actual value of doing things like creating customer advocates.[read more]

Word of Mouth Marketing in the Digital Space

December 13, 2013 by Sharn Kandola

Word of Mouth Marketing

Marketers have known for years that word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is the most credible form of advertising because promoters don’t stand to gain anything personally by recommending the product and are even willing to put their own reputations on the line.[read more]

Finding the Influencers That Matter Most – Tips and Advice from Pierre-Loïc Assayag of Traackr

June 13, 2012 by Mike Lewis

Pierre-Loic Assayaq

Pierre- Loïc Assayag, co-founder and chief disrupter of Traacker, discusses how brands can incorporate influencer engagement to improve their marketing strategy.[read more]


Track Metrics for 2 Million YouTube views in 48 hours

December 11, 2011 by Gopi Mamidipudi

Tracking the viral spread of a popular YouTube video. using free metrics tools on the Web.[read more]

Showing Emotion is the New Black

October 31, 2011 by Ed Keller

"At a recent event in Seattle sponsored by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Heather Oldani of McDonalds told the audience, “For brands, showing emotion is the new black.” It resonated with the audience, and was one of the most tweeted takeaways from the event."[read more]

Marketers Who Treat Social Media As One Size Fits All Are Making a Tragic Mistake

September 26, 2011 by Steve Olenski

Marketers and companies need to realize that prospects and customers are two different types of people and that their most valuable asset in the social media space are their most engaged, ardent and loyal fans.[read more]

Social Media Marketing and Word-of-Mouth Marketing Are Now the Same

July 27, 2011 by Steve Olenski

Many people still don't get that Social Media Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing are now the same thing![read more]

Online word of mouth outstrips every other form of promotion / endorsement

July 10, 2009 by Dirk Singer

Two surveys that I picked up on that draw somewhat different conclusions. First of all (via Marketing Charts) comes this study by WorkPlace Media which says that 96% of employed consumers won't think less of a brand if it has no social media presence. Moreover while 25% recommended a business or product on a social network, only 18%...[read more]

A real Social Media CRM?

May 16, 2008 by Martin Snell

Creating engaging content with a true call to action is a proven formula for success in this new landscape we call social media. Convincing clients of the positive impacts and ROI that can be achieved is still proving to be a harder sale. Deciding what metrics to track, identifying influencers and defining their true value to the bottom...[read more]

WOM vs Advertising, or, it's always been about integration

January 29, 2008 by Tamera Kremer

As was only a matter of time, a debunker has arisen from the marketing world to take on the "Influencer" theory, which was brought to mainstream consciousness with Gladwell's The Tipping Point, and is a foundation of current word of mouth marketing. Not surprisingly, there are immediate (and invested) detractors and a lively debate...[read more]

Viral Marketing Terminology: An Embarrassment of Riches

January 15, 2008 by Matthew Peters

Over the past two months Pandemic Labs co-founders, Matthew Peters and Brennan White, have been privileged to be interviewed for a number of stories on viral and social media marketing. In the process we noticed an interesting pattern: the first question in every interview was always the same! In five interviews with journalists from...[read more]

Sean Moffitt Buzzes About Word Of Mouth

December 7, 2007 by Dave Fleet

I had the pleasure of attending a recent presentation by Sean Moffitt of Agent Wildfire to a speaker series event at work. I've followed Sean's blog for a while, so I was excited to meet him and hear his thoughts on word of mouth marketing. I wasn't disappointed. I live-blogged Sean's presentation; unfortunately my fingers couldn't...[read more]

Facebook, it's only word of mouth if I'm the one actually saying it

December 2, 2007 by Paul Chaney

So, in light of all the opposition, Facebook has modified Beacon to require that I opt-in before the system shares what FB refers to as a "story" (a newsfeed item declaring my allegiance to a particular Facebook partner brand...like eBay). That's fine, but even if I give Beacon permission, it's still not word of mouth marketing, no...[read more]

Connected Marketing Predictions Redux

February 14, 2007 by Todd Tweedy

Justin Kirby , who is one of the most respected voices in the word-of-mouth, viral and buzz arena, has been reaching out to organizations, academics and agencies to get feedback about predications he and Dr. Paul Marsden included at the end of Connected Marketing: The Viral, Buzz, and Word of Mouth Revolution . Here is the list of 10...[read more]