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negative comments

Responding to Criticism on Social Media

September 11, 2013 by Anita Loomba

Whether it’s an angry customer complaining about their experience, a former employee bashing you, or even a competitor snooping on your activities, these situations happen to every brand. By now you may have heard of the disgruntled British Airlines customer who spent $1,000 on promoted Tweets to share his negative experience.[read more]

How to Handle Negative Comments About You and Your Business

July 22, 2013 by Mitz Pantic

Negative comments: they said WHAT? / shutterstock

It’s happened: somebody said something bad about you and your business. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s a little bit of truth taken grossly out of context. No matter the case, how you handle negative comments can determine how much (or how little) business you will lose.[read more]

12 Principles for Responding to Negative Online Comments

December 30, 2012 by Charlie Pownall

A recent study shows that the top Singaporean telecoms operators together receive an average 1,700 negative customer comments a day via social media. Such volume requires dedicated teams to pick through the debris and assess which complaints should be answered and how.[read more]

Turn Negative Online Comments into Business Opportunities

February 29, 2012 by Caroline Chen-Whatley

Have you heard the phrase: “Any publicity is good publicity” before? It’s commonly used in the entertainment industry to refer to actors who are in the press because of something bad they have done. While not necessarily how the actor may wish to be represented, being in the press means exposure. Exposure translates to opportunities...[read more]

How to Deal with Negativity Online

August 1, 2010 by Michael Fauscette

Last week I did a webinar with Lyle Fong, CEO and Co-Founder of Lithium Technologies and Ken Tuchman, Chairman and CEO of TeleTech. The event was focused on social business; specifically social CRM, social support and the intersection with business process outsourcing (BPO) providers like TeleTech. TeleTech and Lithium announced a...[read more]

Never, Ever Ignore Bad Comments In Social Media

December 19, 2009 by R. Trent Thompson

Our firm was recently engaged to develop a social media marketing program for a national brand. We were in competition with two other agencies. While there were many, the primary requirement included having the capability to develop a seamlessly integrated marketing and social media program, deployed across multiple channels and...[read more]

Here's how one web designer deals with negative comments

August 7, 2009 by Angela Connor

by Heidi Cool This is a guest post from Heidi Cool, a web strategist and designer based in the Cleveland area. Heidi and I met on LinkedIn and discovered a Cleveland connection and shared habit of taking deep breaths and walking away from negative comments then coming back with a clear head in an effort to respond with dignity and grace...[read more]

“Mamá, tengo miedo a los comentarios negativos…”

May 7, 2009 by Francesc Grau

El miedo es la aprensión a lo desconocido, al riesgo, a la amenaza. Nos asusta todo aquello que no sabemos, que no controlamos, que no dominamos en su totalidad. Todos lo tenemos, pero a medida que crecemos, vamos superando nuestros miedos, a golpes de experiencia. La madurez en los distintos campos nos ayuda a encajar...[read more]

How to avoid getting burned by negative comments

April 22, 2009 by Mack Collier

One of the biggest fears that blogging companies have is critical comments on blogs. The idea of seeing a 'you suck!' conmment on a blog is enough to make most company bloggers break out in a cold sweat. But negative and critical comments from blog readers can actually benefit a company IF that company acts smartly, and has a plan in...[read more]