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Big Data Analytics for Small Business - Improve Your Customer Intelligence

February 17, 2014 by Jason Bowden

Big Data, Small Business

Companies often spend big investment on data analytics. Data mining is known to strengthen the ability of a company to reinforce their online marketing strategies by understanding the needs of their customers and in finding the most effective means of addressing the consumer demands.[read more]

Can Your SMB Grow Sales Without Disruptive New Tools?

January 19, 2013 by Lori Richardson

We are now in a time where a smaller company can minimize disruption and find reasonably priced tools which are more simple to get up to speed on and that offer quick wins. Some even offer immediate results. The element of change is not as difficult in these cases because sales team members see results. When they see results in the form of new revenues from more closed business, they really get it, and they support it.[read more]

Successful Social Commerce Companies? Not the Ones You Think

January 13, 2013 by Paul Chaney

Here’s what the leaders in social media marketing and commerce look like said IR: they are small to mid-sized web-only merchants, relatively new to online retailing, that have put social media at the forefront of their business strategies.[read more]

3 Ways Multichannel Marketing Software Can Help You Make More Money

April 17, 2012 by Brett Relander

In a fast moving digital marketing world businesses need to embrace multichannel marketing software to save time, become more agile, and make .....[read more]

The Small Business Guide to Social Media Success

September 9, 2011 by Rachel Strella

"The social media audience wants to see the people behind the brand. Therefore, it’s time to remove those filters and humanize your business. What makes YOU unique? What do you enjoy? What are your fears and dreams? These are questions we can all relate to, regardless of whether we can identify with your product or service."[read more]

Marketing Spending Pays Off

November 9, 2009 by Harry Hoover

Well, here's a big surprise: small businesses which spend more during a downturn actually do better financially. Marketing professionals have been giving this advice to businesses of all sizes since the first recession. But too many business leaders make marketing their first, instead of their last, cut. It's nice to have some empirical...[read more]