For the most part you get your news online. You probably also follow a few blogs regularly, and a few more causally. You're definitely participating in some flavor of social media too. And to complement all that text, you're seeing a lot of stock photos and the not infrequent inforgraphic. But I bet you didn't realize you're also reading a lot of cartoons.

"Cartoons? I don't read cartoons," you're thinking, but you do. You're encountering cartoons more often than you realize, and I'll prove it to you. And after I do you might ask yourself, "Why are all of these websites using cartoons? And why aren't I?"

Here are seven top websites and blogs that use cartoons regularly, and I'm betting you frequent at least two or three of them:

Boing Boing

One of the most popular blogs on the web, Boing Boing regularly features cartoons including Tom the Dancing Bug, Elfquest, John Wilcock and more. (They also post about comics a lot.)

Boing Boing Cartoons

The Huffington Post

HuffPo often publishes political cartoons. Regular cartoonists include Lalo Alcaraz, Jeff Danziger, and Tom Falco.

HuffPo Cartoons

Small Business Trends

The web's most popular small business blog is also a personal favorite because, well, they publish my cartoons every Friday and have for years.

Small Business Trends Cartoons


If you're not a regular Mashable reader, you're missing out on the latest news on the web and technology. And, of course, some great cartoons.

Mashable Cartoons


Hubspot's inbound marketing approach helps thousands of companies with their SEO, blogging, social media, and email. And they've been big fans of using cartoons to market themselves forever.

Hubspot Cartoons


Owned by Dow Jones and featuring journalists from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and more, AllThingsD is another daily must-read for news about the internet, the media, and they feature cartoons frequently.

AllThingsD Cartoons


You've no doubt seen Google Doodles over the years. They've created over 1000 of them to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and historic personalities. More witty illustrations than cartoons, they're still just there pretty much to make you smile.

Google Cartoons

See what I mean? You're seeing cartoons all the time. And I didn't even include print publications like the New Yorker, companies like MetLife, or popular webcomics like Penny Arcade.

Some of the most popular online destinations know that cartoons are powerful and popular content and use them often. You might consider following their lead.