If I can’t wow you in one sentence, you will not read anything else.

That is a fact, and I dare you to challenge it.

blogging best practices

Photo by Darren Hester. Used by permission.

This is the third sentence. Still reading?

Your blog should never be about you.


Some of the time is OK. Never all the time.

You need to assume your blog readers are customers. Imagine they bought something from you, or heard you speak somewhere, or someone told them they needed to read your thoughts. My mother never bought anything from me but she reads my blog. Does yours?

Once you accept the fact that your blog reader could be your number one customer or your number one fan, you don’t need to promote yourself anymore.

Every time I draft a new blog post I assume you are my biggest fan. I challenge myself to prove to you that I care. When you like, comment, and share my posts, you prove to me that you care.

The moment neither of us cares about the other — and it needs to be reciprocal — the blog post fails.

Your blog should be about why you care.

It should be about me.

Stop selling your product.

Cease talking and start listening.

It’s an overused word but listening is crucial for your blog post to succeed.

Cease writing about yourself and start writing you.

Second person pronoun is key.

Your blog posts need to be written for me, never for you. Write to ME! If I can’t identify myself every time you physically write you, I will tune out and click elsewhere.

Cheers to Marla Tabaka for wowing and inspiring me to write this blog post.

This is the 29th sentence.

If I inspire you, and you read beyond that first sentence, add a comment below.

If you also write a blog, I challenge you to link to me as your inspiration. Show your own blog readers why you care about them more than why they should read about you.

Please write a comment if you were inspired.