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Google’s head of the web spam division (and thus SEO), Matt Cutts answers: 

“What can e-commerce sites do that sell products which have an ingredients list exactly like other e-commerce sites selling the same product to avoid Google as seeing it as duplicate content?? ” 

Check out what Matt has to say… 

There are literally hundreds of things you can do – on page – to add more value to your listing than the competitor’s listing. Get creative! 

If you are only pulling in an Amazon/Ebay/Clickbank listing for an item, it’s likely your site will be penalized… UNLESS you’re doing things to add extra value. 

Author reviews and user reviews are two great ways to supplement these sorts of listings.

There are a couple great WordPress review themes and review plugins for that as well. 

Understanding this will help you understand how to keep anything from a affiliate site, to a review site, to a recipe collection site, out of trouble with the Big-G!

~ Kim ~
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