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Best Thinkers eBook Library

Social Media Today communities feature the best thinkers across a wide array of disciplines and our eBook library offers a great opportunity to glean insights from our expert contributors for free with your site registration.

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Small Business

Rising Costs, Unclear Mandates Rising Costs of Healthcare ebook Rising Costs, Unclear Mandates for Small Business

The cost of covering employee health insurance has has emerged as one of the leading obstacles to U.S. business competitiveness. Use this free eBook, featuring 5 tips from tax expert Barbara Weltman and pages of useful resources, to navigate the health insurance realities facing employers and employees and help your business reduce costs this year.

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Social Customers

ImageThe Evolving Social Customer (sap)

The Social Customer (TSC)'s latest survey suggests that companies are increasingly leveraging social tools and strategies to engage their customers. Conducted jointly with the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP), our survey shows that the percentage of customer service interactions taking place on social media has accelerated substantially in the past six months.

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Rethinking Customer Service eBook Rethinking Customer Service: The Call Center as Corporate Information Hub

This exclusive The Social Customer eBook looks at how the call center in particular can help drive a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to business. Experts from the call center world share strategies and mindset shifts that must take place within companies if they are to be vital and nimble in the 21st century.

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CRM eBook ThumbnailNew Trends in CRM (ms)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have tended to produce mixed results for the sales and marketing professionals that once hailed them as a magic bullet. There's no denying that CRM implementation has been a fraught and expensive process for most companies. Even so, sales organizations worldwide now use these tools to serve their customers, gain market insight, obtain product feedback, monitor competitors and improve organizational efficiency. CRM is here to stay.

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Big Data, Smart Data

Business Intelligence and Smartgrid eBook Business Intelligence: Solving Smartgrid Data Management Challenges (sdc)

This exclusive SmartData Collective eBook explores the relationship between data and the SmartGrid. The data management challenges are significant, but the benefits to utilities, consumers, and our global environment gained from computer-aided analytics and decisions make the efforts worthwhile.

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Smart Grid eBookTurning On Power Consumers (sap)

Smart grid implementation allows power consumers to double as electricity producers. It also helps incorporate more renewables onto the grid. Customers will have new choices and responsibilities. Regulators will face new challenges. Bottom line: The electricity market is on the cusp of a major evolution.

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Broken Data PromiseThe Broken Data Promise

The marriage of CRM systems and near-boundless quantities of market and customer data was supposed to produce the holy grail of sales: The 360 degree customer view. It would be comprehensive. Predictive. And foundational for lasting, profitable relationships. Except that promise was never fulfilled. So how can you use CRM to tame the data beast and get the jump on your competitors? Find out in this new eBook.

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