In keeping with the spirit of Lady Gaga’s Birthday last week where the world came to a halt for one day, well mainly in the eyes of her fans, I have decided to talk about the pop diva’s new and upcoming Social media platform. Rumor has it that Mark Zuckerberg may have some new and fierce competition!


Seeing as Lady Gaga already has broken the Twitter record with an astounding 21 million Followers, 40.7 million Facebook fans and not to forget her own “GagaPedia” .  It only makes sense that the next step in her Social media revolution would be to launch her own social networking site called LittleMonsters.  This is a place for her devotees to meet each other and discuss Little Monsterdom.   You may be asking what’s up with the unusual site’s name. It came about during the creation of one of Gaga’s albums. From there on, she began using it as a pet-name towards her fans at concerts as they would go crazy similar to that of Monsters.

The social platform can be compared to a blend of Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and even Tumblr.  But the main idea is for her fans to compete with each other with who is the bigger fan by posting images of their “Mother”. So, what makes her social media platform different from all others, besides for Gaga being the first celebrity to create something like this, nothing else makes it significantly unique. Is this just a celebrity generated trend that will die out as quick as it caught fire?

The company behind the website, Backplane’s, CEO and co-founder Matt Michelsen – told Mashable: ”Backplane is about bringing together communities and Gaga’s community just so happens to be the community we’re using to learn about proper functionality. We think we can really change the world.”

With or without them, Lady Gaga is changing the world around us as we know it! So, what’s next if Gaga can create her own Platform then who’s to stop Presidents and other famous people from doing the same? Instead of creating Fan pages just create a social media platform centered on them!?

Lady Gaga’s site is an  exclusive and invite only for those ‘die hard’ fans out there. In the past,  a true fan was defined by “been there, done that” T-shirts, posters and C.D’s. But today, this social platform and all other forms of social media are now redefining the role of a fan, as all our support is based solely on line. Does it mean that you’re not an ultimate fan if you haven’t joined LittleMonsters? Off-line support and little trinkets are not enough anymore! This could be the end of off-line fans supported by purchased commodities.