Twitter announced a redesign of it's website and mobile apps, putting greater emphasis on photos and videos.
Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo appeared on NBC-TV's "Today" show to announce the design overhaul making photos and videos more prominent. Costolo indicated Twitter was responding to Twitter users who wanted better ways to express themselves in 140 characters. "What we heard over and over again from our users is they want to bring more of their personality to their profile pages," he said.
The mobile apps will now display photos attached to previous Tweets in a horizontal bar below the latest three Tweets allowing you to scroll through the photos with one swipe. The redesign also enables you to upload a new "Header Photo" that will appear at the top of your profile page with your picture in the middle.
This is a great opportunity for professionals businesses to visually express their brand to their Twitter followers. Take a look at how The Friedman Group took advantage of that space.
Twitter Redesign
Other changes include mobile third-party apps like yFrog and Twitpic will no longer be able to post images to Twitter.
I'm curious to know what you think of the new design and other changes?