Have you ever grown tired of seeing a flood of @mentions…@mentions “Thanks for the RT!” on Twitter?

I have to say, it’s not the most interesting thing to read.

Even though it’s a nice gesture, it doesn’t always convey the weight of what a retweet really means to me.  It really falls flat in comparison to the real gratitude I feel when I see an RT @mention pop-up on my screen. 

My Twitter followers may not always know it, but many times, instead of taking up space in the stream just to say “thank you,” I like to go beyond those two simple words.

When I see someone has retweeted or done something to promote a post of mine, I like to return the favor in unexpected ways.

I do it because I want to get to know the people who thought enough of me to follow me on Twitter and tweet my posts. I want them to know that I really care about who they are and what they do. No one can really know you care until they see your actions, so I make it a point, whenever I can, to say thank you in ways that go above and beyond.

Instead of saying “Thank You”… sometimes I…

  1. Follow back if I’m not already following
  2. Visit their Twitter profile
  3. Retweet something noteworthy from their stream
  4. Visit their blog or website
  5. Subscribe to their blog
  6. Comment on a blog post
  7. Retweet their blog post
  8. Stumble their blog post
  9. Vote for their blog post on BlogEngage
  10. Link to their blog post

These are just a few of the ways I say thank you.  It’s really all just a good practice for engaging with others on Twitter in general.

What other creative ways could you add to say “thank you” and make your followers feel special?

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